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Can CBD Help with Pain?

Did you know that chronic pain affects countless people across the country (researchers estimate that chronic pain affects approximately 50 million U.S. adults), even causing a significant decrease in quality of life. There are, of course, an array of pain management options out there, although a good portion of them rely on heavy drugs that understandably, aren’t for everyone. Then, there is cannabidiol (CBD), the natural, non-addictive hemp-derived compound that has become a massive industry in just a few short years. CBD is beloved for its gentle yet effective nature, acting as the perfect addition to any daily routine. But there is the question of whether CBD can help with pain.

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In fact, cannabidiol has quickly become renowned for its many potential benefits, ranging from lower stress levels to neurological regulation. So, just how effective is it against pain, and why is its reputation so strong for being incredibly effective? Well, let’s take a closer look at the link between CBD and pain relief, specifically explaining why it seems to offer such profound effects to the user, and how CBD gummies in particular have become the go-to of many people who experience chronic pain on a daily basis. And, not only that, but some of the ways in which CBD gummies for pain can differ from one another.

What is the Relationship Between Pain and the Endocannabinoid System?

The effects that cannabidiol can have on pain can only be understood by looking at understand the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which’s the system of the body discovered 30 years ago, and finally explained to cannabis researchers why the compounds known as “cannabinoids” are so effective at addressing a wide array of issues. The endocannabinoid system has the job of keeping us in homeostasis, which is the state in which the body is functioning at the optimal level. This system is found in all mammals, and is staggeringly complex, always working to improve how we feel and function each and every day.

The ECS is comprised of endocannabinoids, which attach to cannabinoid receptors (CB receptors) located in the nervous system and other system of the body. Cannabinoid receptors are found in every system and organ of the body, classified as either CB1 or CB2 receptors. They regulate everything from immune function to cognitive function, having our bodies in a state of balance at all times.

Endocannabinoids can have an impact on pain management, going through both these mechanisms:

  • Through balancing the response of pain receptors, minimizing our pain levels by analgesic properties. 
  • Through regulating the immune system’s inflammation response, to actually bring down inflammation on a holistic and local level.

Interestingly, the human body is often deficient in endocannabinoids, for reasons that remain somewhat unclear, but are unsurprising given the many chronic issues that we face, including stress, pain and sleeping troubles. Fortunately, nature has an answer for us. Cannabis has given us access to phytocannabinoids (plant-derived cannabinoids), which behave exactly like endocannabinoids once absorbed into the body, attaching themselves to cannabinoid receptors in order to regulate specific processes, with the end goal being homeostasis. What this means is that taking cannabinoids like CBD on a regular basis fully supports the endocannabinoid system so that it can improve the body’s functionality and address all kinds of daily needs, including pain relief.

What Can CBD Do for Pain?

Cannabidiol is an incredibly versatile cannabinoid in terms of its properties, and it was discovered in the mid-1960s, meaning that there have been 60 years during which researchers have been able to analyze it and understand all that it can do. It’s important to point out that CBD is also nontoxic and non-psychoactive, as it doesn’t work on the same cannabinoid receptors as THC in order to produce an intoxicating high.

CBD has been lauded for its effects on pain over the years, as the cannabinoid works with the nervous system and the immune system to produce both analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Studies have consistently shown that the cannabinoid clearly has the ability to be used as an alternative form of pain management, with researchers commonly pointing out that its gentle, nontoxic nature makes it particularly useful in clinical settings as an option for those seeking out relief without the use of heavy drugs.

Cannabidiol offers a way to potentially manage pain on a daily basis, as the cannabinoid can be taken long-term without any known risk of dependency. It also works cumulatively, to offer surprising results in the long term, because of its relationship with the endocannabinoid system. In other words, it’s believed that CBD can regulate pain in a way that can be felt beyond when the cannabinoid is currently active in the system. 

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies belong to the delivery method of ingestion, being a form of edibles. They’re fruity gummies that are infused with hemp extract that’s high in CBD. Gummies are delicious, and that alone is a big selling point, but they also offer a distinctive way to experience the cannabinoid’s effects, that’s extremely favorable.

CBD gummies come in a wide variety of flavor options, as well as milligram strengths – aka the number of milligrams of cannabidiol in each piece, which determines the potency of the results. They’re phenomenally easy to turn into a daily routine, since it is just a matter of eating a gummy each day – no need to count out or measure anything to get in the ideal daily dose. 

What makes gummies and other edibles unique is that their effects are the longest-lasting out of any delivery method, by far – can last for an astonishing 8 hours. This could be tremendous benefit for anyone dealing with pain that inhibits their daily life. It can also take up to 2 hours for the effects to kick in – longer than any other delivery method and is due to the fact that before the CBD can absorb into the bloodstream, it has to go through the digestive process.

Traditionally, CBD gummies are made with primarily all-natural ingredients, so as not to damage the integrity of hemp’s holistic nature. There are also numerous vegan gummies that can be found in our marketplace. These morsels use fruit-derived pectin rather than animal-derived gelatin. Vegans can now rejoice!

Can CBD help with pain?

Why Choose CBD Gummies for Pain?

As previously mentioned, CBD gummies offer a unique benefit to those struggling with pain, in that the effects can last for up to 8 hours, which can allow the user to simply eat one gummy and know that they’re going to feel better for the majority of the day (or night). 

And, there’s something else. Gummies are reported to offer the strongest “body effects” out of any delivery method. The process of ingesting cannabidiol seems to change the way in which it works with the endocannabinoid system, to focus more heavily on things like inflammation, possibly due to the way in which it works through the gut. Lots of people find that edibles offer the strongest pain-relieving effects out of any product type, all while still delivering the cerebral properties that relate to things like mood, focus and sleep.

Keep in mind, of course, that some hemp gummies for pain are better suited for pain than others, based on how they’re produced. You see, there are a number of factors when it comes to making gummies that can impact their efficacy, ranging from their milligram strength (potency) to the way in which the hemp was extracted in order to determine its chemical stability.

CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum, and Broad Spectrum

One thing you should be aware of is that any CBD product can be made with 1 of 3 types of hemp extracts, in terms of its chemical composition. When the hemp material is put through an extraction process, it’s up to the manufacturer to decide which plant compounds will be maintained and which may be discarded for various reasons. Let’s elaborate on that…

  • CBD Isolate: An extract of pure cannabidiol that has been isolated from the hundreds of other compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes that are present in the raw hemp material. CBD isolate therefore gives you the most concentrated type of hemp extract as it’s not diluted by any other compounds. Plus, CBD isolate is free of terpenes, which is why it’s the only extract that’s flavorless and odorless.
  • Full Spectrum: An extract that maintains the full composition of all compounds in hemp’s buds, including hundreds of cannabinoids and terpenes, plus flavonoids and phytonutrients. Because of this, it also contains the trace amount of THC present in hemp, which is about 0.3%, and is not intoxicating nor illegal.
  • Broad Spectrum: Just like full spectrum, as it contains all other compounds present in the hemp plant, only the THC has been fully isolated and removed from the final product.

All of these types of hemp extracts listed above are effective at offering the body the sublime potential benefits of CBD, and you can find each infused into gummies. We prefer CBD isolate, since it is THC-free, and because it offers the body those strong cannabidiol effects in the most concentrated form. Doesn’t seem to get any better than that.

What is the Best Dosage of CBD Edibles for Pain Management?

As mentioned earlier, it is quite easy to dose consistently with CBD gummies, due to each gummy conveniently containing an equal number of milligrams of CBD extract. That being said, you might be wonder then what the ideal dosage for pain actually is? Well, there are a few factors to consider first. 

  • The severity of the pain, which can determine how many milligrams are needed to bring relief. 
  • There’s also the matter of body weight, as a higher body weight may require more CBD to produce positive results. 
  • Besides that, we’re still learning about the endocannabinoid system, and know that some people have a higher tolerance to cannabinoids due to the configuration of their unique endocannabinoid system.

Considering all of the above, we recommend 15-30 milligrams of CBD in an edible form daily. This can provide you with the results you’re looking for, and also is a commonly preferred daily milligram strength. Although, some people may benefit from up to 50mg if they’re dealing with severe enough pain. Take note that CBD is nontoxic to the body, and so it can tolerate a surprising number of milligrams just fine.

When Should I Take CBD Gummies for Pain?

Overall, there is no right or wrong time to take a CBD gummy for pain management, and you can even take two a day if you so choose – 1 in the morning and 1 at night, or something along those lines. The key is taking them about 90 minutes before you want the effects to start kicking in, since this is how long it can take before the cannabinoid absorbs into the bloodstream. 

Can I Overdose on CBD Gummies?

We understand that people want to know that they’re taking CBD gummies in a way that’s safe, and mainly, to avoid a potential overdose. Fortunately, because CBD is nontoxic, you actually don’t really have anything to worry about. The body tolerates cannabidiol well because of the way in which the endocannabinoid system intelligently stores excess cannabinoids. Still, there are some very mild side effects that may occur if you take a high dose of CBD, or if you have an incredibly low tolerance. These side effects are by no means indication of a medical emergency, and typically wear off in a couple of hours at most, as they include the following:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Lightheadedness

These side effects are, as you can see, quite mild and no cause for alarm. There is also a good chance that you won’t experience any of them, as experiencing side effects is not the norm when taking CBD. The most common side effect by far is drowsiness, and that can be seen as a positive if you’re looking to take CBD for pain at bedtime in hopes of sleeping without pain disrupting your ability to do so.

Can I Take CBD Gummies with Other CBD Products?

If using CBD gummies for back pain or any other type of pain, you may be wondering whether or not you can also incorporate a second type of CBD product into your routine, like a tincture or a topical. The answer is yes. Many people take a couple types of CBD-infused products in one day to achieve different things – for instance, a topical for localized pain, and a gummy for more widespread pain. Remember that because cannabidiol is nontoxic, our body can tolerate it easily, even in the form of two daily doses. There is no concern about the products interacting with one another, or even causing any other issues. Plus, no matter how much CBD you take, you won’t get high, since cannabidiol, again, has zero intoxicating properties.

Can I Take CBD Gummies for Inflammation and Pain if I’m Also Taking a Pain Medication?

Good question, as it is important to remember that there are loads of pain management products out there, ranging from prescription medications to natural supplements. For instance, if you’re taking turmeric tablets daily to manage pain, CBD should not interact with them in any way. Generally, CBD can be taken with any herb or supplement without any problems.

But, what if you’re taking a pain medication, either over-the-counter or via prescription? That may be a different story, and so we recommend that you have an initial conversation with your doctor. While many people take CBD with, say, over-the-counter NSAIDs, the reality is that cannabidiol binds up something known as CYP3A4, an enzyme that metabolizes the cannabinoid as well as many common medications. Essentially, CYP3A4 levels may be depleted after taking CBD, in which case certain medications can’t break down, and instead remain in the bloodstream, which puts you at some risk of overdosing on the medication. This is particularly a concern if you’re taking opioid medications for pain, as the risk of overdose is especially high with these powerful drugs. Due to all of this, it’s imperative to tell your doctor how much CBD you take, and any medications you are taking for pain, as from there, they can make a proper determination if CBD is the right course of action to take for pain management.

Where Can I Buy CBD Gummies for Pain?

CBD gummies are available in more places than ever before, although we always recommend buying them online from a reputable company, where quality standards are higher than they are in local markets. Not all CBD gummies are equally safe, effective and clean, so here are the things to look for to ensure total satisfaction.

  • Third-Party Lab Results: All CBD products must undergo a third-party testing process before they can be sold, by sending the product out to a state-authorized laboratory. This way, the product can be tested for legal compliance, purity, potency, chemical compound breakdown and safety, with the results returned to the company. From there, it’s the company’s job to publish the lab report results on their website, to give customers a way to read unbiased information regarding the overall quality of the product.
  • A Clean Formula: Before buying any gummy, you want to read the ingredients list carefully to be sure that you’re not going to be consuming a product that’s loaded with fillers or artificial additives. Of course, if you’re vegan or have any allergies, you’ll want to look at the ingredients extra carefully to make sure that the product can cater to your needs.
  • An Effective Milligram Strength: It’s ideal to find a CBD gummy product that contains at least 15mg of cannabidiol per piece, as low-strength products may not be capable of giving you noticeable results.
  • A Good Reputation/Positive Reviews: Read reviews for a company’s gummies on their website, and don’t be afraid to search the internet for third-party reviews regarding the company overall, to make sure that they have a generally good reputation throughout the industry. 
  • Small-Batch Production: If a company makes their CBD gummies in small batches, then they likely have a stronger hold on quality control, and generally have the means to put more resources into making sure that each product in their warehouse is exceptional.

What are the Best CBD Gummies for Pain?

One of our best-selling products at Kore Original is our CBD Gummies, which check all of the boxes we have discussed so far. Each gummy contains 15 milligrams of CBD, and we use pure CBD isolate so that the 15 milligrams provides you with a uniquely concentrated dose of cannabidiol, the chemical compound in hemp renowned for its potential pain-relieving effects. Kore Original Gummies are flavored naturally, and beloved for their great taste, while offering a clean formula that is gentle on the body. 

Best Edible for Pain

Another option is Kore Original CBD Capsules, which also contain 15 milligrams of CBD isolate, and a formula made with minimal ingredients to digest as easily as possible. Additionally, some people ask us whether or not CBD THC gummies are good for pain – in other words, gummies that contain a blend of CBD and THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis that gets people high. Many people use THC medicinally around the country for pain-related conditions, and it can be a good option for you, although we recognize that many people out there desire pain relief without any intoxicating effects.

What Should I Do if My CBD Gummies Aren’t Actually Giving Me Results?

It’s not unheard of for someone to take CBD gummies a few times and conclude that they don’t actually work for pain relief, when the reality is that they need to make some simple adjustments to how they take them. If you’ve purchased CBD gummies that you absolutely know are legitimate and adequately potent, then there may be some things you need to consider. Do CBD gummies help with pain? In general, yes, but everyone is unique, and some may need to finetune their regimen.

Don’t forget, cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that works cumulatively, and it’s recommended that you take CBD daily for 2 weeks before deciding how effective it is, as this is about how long it takes for the cannabinoid to get fully utilized by the body’s endocannabinoid system. So, if you’ve concluded that gummies don’t work because you’re not getting immediate results after the first time you’ve taken them, try to be patient.

Another thing is dosage. Like we said, for a number of reasons, some people simply need more milligrams of CBD than others in order to get the desired effects. After 2 weeks of daily use, consider taking 2 gummies instead of 1, or 3 if you feel that you need to. 

Finally, remember that CBD is non-intoxicating, and so you won’t suddenly “feel” the CBD take effect like you would with, say, THC. Cannabidiol is simply hard at work in the body even if you don’t suddenly feel dramatically different. Most people just notice that around the time the CBD has absorbed, they’re no longer feeling like they are in pain.

Can I Give CBD Gummies to My Child?

Another question that we get somewhat regularly is whether or not it’s okay to give CBD gummies to a child to help them manage their pain. It’s worth pointing out that there are no laws that forbid a parent from giving CBD to their child, and in fact children do take cannabidiol because it is non-intoxicating and generally not considered unsafe.

Still, a child’s body is different from that of an adult, and so it’s always best to speak to their pediatrician before giving them CBD. Their doctor can take into account their medical needs and history to come up with the right decision.  This is also critical if your child is taking any medications. As we said earlier, cannabidiol may interact with certain medications due to its use of CYP3A4 to metabolize. This effect might be stronger in a child, as they may produce even less of this metabolite naturally.

Allow Kore Original CBD Gummies to Become the Perfect Daily Product for Pain

Kore Original has worked remarkably hard to produce what we believe are the most effective CBD gummies possible. And, we are incredibly proud of how many people swear by them daily for all kinds of issues, including pain. Our gummies contain 15 milligrams of CBD isolate per piece, which’s plenty to give many customers the relief that they’re looking for. And, with the effects lasting for hours, they can be amazingly useful to help you get through your day.

Clearly, CBD gummies can be a fantastic way to deal with pain, as cannabidiol has been shown in studies to offer clear pain-relieving properties. And, as we cannot stress this enough, given how CBD nontoxic, it’s an awesome option for someone who wants a gentle, yet holistic option that doesn’t come with any major causes for concern. Just 1-2 gummies a day is all that most people need to get the results they’re looking for. So try Kore Original CBD gummies today.

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