CBD Gummies with No THC


Finally! You made it, you are ready to become your best self – and relax. Our locally produced, hand-crafted, and small-batch CBD gummies with no THC are better than ever. Kore Original family members have found relief for their anxiety, sleep, and aches – with our perfected formula. Each gummy is dosed precisely at 15 milligrams apiece. Then paired with our unique blend made to work with your body. The way it is meant to, naturally.

Each immaculate flavor comes in either a 525mg | 35 piece – jar or 105mg | 7 piece – pouch. Both are equipped with patented CRC (Child Resistant Closures) to give you peace of mind at home. Proudly utilizing post-recycled packaging as our way of giving back. Wrapped up in our specialized tamper-proof packaging, now you can truly catch those “zzz…”. Your journey to relaxation is only a couple of clicks away.


Creation Story

We are thankful for the Kore Original family making our CBD gummies what put us on the map. Now, with our further reach, we can spread what it means to be #OverAchievingCBD. Each bold flavor has been created to taste like your favorite treats. Not sure where to start? Try our pouches to suit your on-the-go personality; or stock up with a whole jar – perfect for a bedside table.

We have created a full seed-to-sell process to make sure each step in production has the visibility you deserve. Combining superior natural ingredients, quadruple lab testing, and our high absorption formula. Our farm utilizes the best organic practices when cultivating the CBD for our gummies. We aim to take the gift of hemp that the cannabis plant has provided to make a superior drug alternative.  At the start of our process, we perform a test at the seed level to check that our cultivar is up to superior standards. The pure hemp-derived CBD isolate has been certified by our compliance team for non-detectable levels of THC – for your enjoyment. Cultivating ease of mind with our 100% TLC, cruelty-free, and an effective line-up of unparalleled CBD gummies with no THC.

Natural CBD gummies are one of the most popular ways to take CBD! This allows us to constantly innovate our line-up at Kore Original. Keep an eye out for new flavors always around the corner. The only thing fresher than Kore Original CBD gummies for sleep is the choices to pick from. We even offer limited edition runs of our CBD Gummies without THC on a seasonal basis. Click here to find out more. With an arrangement like this, sweet treats have never felt better for you.

There are many states with different regulations regarding hemp policy and terms. At Kore Original, we are permitted by the Florida Department of Agriculture to produce hemp food products. We started to produce a well-sized collection of CBD products once we realized the low attendance in the industry to quality & potency. It did not take long before we took a stand to include these practices in every item we produce. Our products go through countless quality checks to make sure they are up to our high standards. Our company prides itself on our exceptional products so much so that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Perfect for you, as a gift, or for loved ones – we will keep it our secret. Buy Kore Original gummies enhanced with CBD to get the sleep you have been waiting for.

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Something For Everyone

Gummies CTA

CBD Gummies No THC


Our bestselling CBD Gummies No THC have been the rave of our community since we launched! Available in an assortment of varieties, our CBD gummies are packed full of bold flavors that will leave you relaxed and feeling great.

Gummies CTA

CBD Pain Freeze


Our secret weapon against achy, stiff, and tired muscles, the Kore Original CBD Pain Freeze targets sore areas in a natural way using aloe, essential oils, and CBD.

Capsules CTA

CBD Capsules


Available in 3 varieties, Original, Focus, and Sleep, our CBD capsules are simple and easy to use. Discover the potent blend of botanicals paired with CBD today!

Oil and Tinctures CTA

CBD Isolate Oil


Available in 3 flavors, original, peppermint, and watermelon.100% Organic, our CBD isolate oil is one of a kind and handcrafted with potency and purity in mind.

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Our Approach

Since 2018 we have been perfecting the “proprietary blend” inside of our world-renowned CBD Gummies. At the base of our formulation lies our 99.99% CBD Isolate with non-detectable levels of THC. Now, what happens when you take your body’s natural chemistry to enhance the CBD? That is exactly the question you will answer on your first experience with our CBD gummies with no THC. We use specialized nootropics known to interact with the same areas as CBD. One of the effective ingredients that are the foundation for our powerful blend is n-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine. In lower doses, this regimen has been known to offer powerful relaxation benefits. With health-oriented CBD products, you have to be content with the effects they provide! Our satisfied customers will tell you that our Cannabidiol is made to assist with ailments like pain without the high. We like to take a medical approach when formulating our CBD. These conditions support high-quality oil extracts from the hemp plant. Higher doses are just what the body needs for a good night’s rest.

Our naturally-based ingredients are not the only highlight of these unique CBD hemp gummies. While there are certainly higher doses of CBD available – we found this is not the most crucial part attributing to the efficacy of our formulation. Over the years we have invested our sales directly back into research and development. One of the key assets we adopted during this stage is that CBD is only part of the puzzle. Wellness CBD gummies are known to offer key benefits in many different categories, but our question was: how can you enhance specific benefits? Each formulator developed iterations until that sweet spot was found – resulting in the current blend putting us ahead of the game. The research did not stop there and continues to this day. Our goal is for each experience to be better than the last. At Kore Original, we believe in always innovating the possibilities.

Welcome to #OveracheivingCBD

Gummies & Heat

Those summer days are perfect for spending some time at the beach, but not so much for our gummies. Temperatures exceeding room temperature can cause melting in our CBD gummies with no THC. It is important that after receiving your package that you keep them in a dry and cool place. Each flavor does have different reactions to heat and is not a one size fits for the maximum temperature they can reach. Anytime heat exceeds 80 degrees within Florida you will receive a pop-up in your cart/checkout stating that we are currently experiencing extreme temperatures.

Due to this, we ask if you order a perishable product, such as “Kore Original gummies,” that you choose expedited shipping. This shipping option will ship to you via “2 Day Air,” and if any damages are present to the gummies, we will refund or exchange the product; and if applicable, pay for the product to be returned. If you fail to abide by the temperature warning and choose the standard shipping option, we will not be responsible for the state of the product, and you will not be eligible for a refund/return.*If your order exceeds $100 and is eligible for free shipping, we will send it via the expedited method if it is a perishable product ordered. If it is damaged, we will work accordingly to offer you a refund/exchange. Want to learn more about our operations? Take time to review our privacy policy to learn more about how we protect your data. Includes more information on how we use that information to enhance your experience. Please contact us via email, by phone, or on our site to provide the help we need to grow. Be sure to leave us a review online to spread the news about Kore Original CBD!

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The Kore Difference

Superior In Its Class

Our Kore team is made of talented individuals from all walks of life. One thing that we all had in common was our passion for helping people feel their best. Dedicated to making your hemp experience unlike any other. 

Excellence is Key

Together we created Kore Original to offer our community a natural alternative by way of CBD to feeling good, balanced, and relaxed. Our tasty and effective products make CBD not only easy to use, but now something you can’t live without!

Unmatched Quality

All raw materials are lab tested to ensure they meet the highest quality we can offer. All formulations and extractions are hand-tailored to offer you a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Original Experience

We understand how hard it is to choose the right brand. We stand by our products no matter the scenario. If you are not 100% satisfied with the product, reach out to us. We want you to be satisfied with your experience with Kore Original, purchase or not.

Join the Family

We are dedicated to creating an experience that will bring a whole new meaning to the CBD industry. You help define that experience with each purchase of a Kore Original Product

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245 reviews for CBD Gummies with No THC

  1. Tima

    Great quality products, best CBD products. Weed gets me paranoid, but this makes me so comfortable and relaxed. I would definitely recommend.

  2. Fatima

    Great quality products, best CBD products. Weed gets me paranoid, but this makes me so comfortable and relaxed. I would definitely recommend.

  3. Katie Huhlein

    These gummies have a great taste! I enjoyed their benefits of reduced anxiety.

  4. Chrissy Huddleston

    I received a sample of the sour neon gummy bears and I have to say, I have not slept that hard in a long time!! I slept great and felt much better the next day! Will be buying more!

  5. Victoria

    Tastes amazing and works amazing definitely getting again

  6. Lauren Wheeler

    These gummies literally BLEW ME AWAY. I got a sample of these and oh. my. god.
    My boyfriend and I took these and it knocked us out! We slept so great!!! I’m not a fan of melatonin, but have been wanting something to help me get to sleep. I HIGHLY recommend these! Try it out! You won’t regret it! I’ve definitely gotta get me some more of these!!!

  7. Andrea

    Tasted really good made really well. I enjoyed these and plan on buying more. Thank you for the free sample. Honestly loved them!

  8. Mollie

    Excellent product to help with sleeping!! Has also helped with migraines when nothing else worked!

  9. Karen

    I agree with this review!

  10. Ruthanne

    Im so happy I purchased they are awesome they helped me relax and sleep better helped my anxiety and pain made me feel better highly recommend

  11. Ann

    I’ve used several CBD products from different companies. The effectiveness of this product stood out. I was able to sleep. Big improvement

  12. Tiffanni

    Really good gummy rings! Taste is on point and definitely helped with my anxiety. Will be buying more soon!

  13. America A

    I really enjoyed this experience. I bought the sour gummies. The flavor was great. Tastes like a normal gummy. And the sleep I had after this was amazing. I even started dosing off in the middle of a video game. Totally recommend.

  14. America A

    I really enjoyed this experience. I felt very relaxed and the sleep I had after consuming this product was amazing. I loved it. Totally recommend.

  15. NUL

    As a teacher working through the pandemic, these have helped manage my anxiety. My local boutique grocer carries the small pouches but when we opened school for face-to-face and online instruction in the fall, I decided to get the jar. It was important to get a hemp CBD product that is purity tested because of my profession. It helps drop my shoulders and feel more relaxed without noticing any major effects. I take Pangea CBD oil and use the Kore gummies as a booster for extra challenging and hectic days.

  16. Liz

    Absolutely lovely.not only did they taste great.they helped me sleep so quick .it was awesome .I also loved they didn’t have that odd flavor u can get with some cbd gummies

  17. Tifiney M

    Started using these to help me get to sleep. Works well to relax me enough to fall asleep. I have also noticed my anxiety has been significantly better. This was recommended by a friend and work great. They taste great as well.

  18. jennifer

    I loved these, It was a great way to find out which flavor of gummies we like. We ended up liking them all. I loved having a variety.

  19. Laura Murphy

    Love these! I bought both the Peach and Watermelon. They taste great and are fast acting! Great to help me relax and chill out after a stressful day!

  20. E

    Fantastic! Delicious and super helpful for a good nights sleep. Would definitely recommend. Plus the shipping is fast.

  21. TSBSR

    Love it. It works wonders with the sleep.

  22. Mark Fields

    This is my second jar of gummies. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping, and the gummies really help! I also like the flavor!!

  23. Karen

    I’d tried some CBD edibles before, but never thought they did anything. Kore was recommended from a friend, so I gave them a shot. They definitely work. My anxiety is much lower and I feel more confident I can handle whatever comes up. And it’s not a hardship eating them… delicious! I’ve also tried their Focus and Sleep capsules. Both excellent! Best night of sleep in years! Thanks, Kore!

  24. Barbara R

    Have been using these gummies for around 9 months now. They help me sleep through the night which has been a big problem, and they seem to help with my chronic pain. (I can only have them in the evening because they really do knock me out) Also I can´t say enough good about the customer service with Kore. Just take my word for it, they came through big time and I appreciate them so much.

  25. Wanda Beatty

    Excellent quality. I’ve ordered these a few times and I’m pleased at the results. The stress is lowered and I go to sleep easier when I take one in the evening. I have a sleeping disorder, so that’s huge to me. Thank you!

  26. Savanna Taylor

    These had such a great taste to them and we’re definitely sour! They did everything I intended for them to do. I would love to try all your gummies, as I’m an gummy candy fanatic lol

  27. Cundy Silverglat

    Love the gummies !!!!Not only are they yummy but I take before bed and fall asleep and sleep throughout the night!! Never thought this stuff was real and worked but it does!!

  28. Anna W.

    They really help me sleep and I haven’t taken Melatonin since I received these. They taste good too.

  29. derwin augustus

    i love this pack .. and great supplement for your health..

  30. Vhs

    Upon receiving the gummies I had to try them. I must say they really work. The flavors are really tasty especially the yellow one.

  31. Jovan

    I was a bit skeptical because I tried so many before I decided to try one after work and within an hour I was super relaxed almost lethargic and super sleepy when I finally laid down my wife told me I was out like a light I’ve never slept so good in my adult life.

  32. Amy Teter

    Delicious & Effective
    I have always had trouble sleeping and have wanted to try CBD for a while. A friend recommended these gummies and they work great! I sleep well and don’t feel groggy in the morning!

  33. Annalee Boyer

    I always wanted to try the gummies from anywhere, I am very very happy that I was able to try these out as my very first taste. These are AMAZING! My pains, anxiety even my insomnia is getting better. Highly recommend.

  34. Jeremy H.

    I’ve been suffering from insomnia for awhile and wanted to take a more natural solution to remedy this. Kore Organic sour gummy bears help me rest better, and have a goodnights sleep! I highly recommend them!

  35. Leilani Soto

    Knocked me out! Been having troble sleeping and this really helped. I was asleep within the hour! Great taste and good portion.

  36. Jennifer

    These worked great for treating my PTSD while I cannot take my anxiety medication. They also worked great for pain after my C-section. The pain meds they were giving me wasn’t doing much other than constipating me, these helped with the pain without side effects.

  37. Beth Adkins

    The Sour Bears taste so good! This company knows how to make an effective quality product. Enjoyed the so much!

  38. Henry

    Received my Sour Bear gummies today and I feel better already! I have generalized anxiety disorder and these gummies calm me down and help me get back to myself when medicines can’t. They taste amazing and smell just as good. Thanks Kore Organic for your awesome products!

  39. Leslie Torres

    Theses gummies are by far amazing… I’ve had really bad anxiety and these have helped me feel super relax and calm… keeps me from having attacks.

  40. Sheri Hussey

    Love the flavors! Helped me get a restful sleep. Highly recommend!

  41. deanna Krug

    Kore Organic CBD Sour Neon Gummies rock. If you like the sour you will love the taste! These are 15mg per gummy so I took 2 because I prefer a little more to keep my day stress free and they work great to prevent sleepless nights. They definitely are a legit product and company in the market. I I definitely recommend Kore Organic. I’m looking forward to trying something a little higher in MGs. Thanks for great products!

  42. Rhonda Morrison

    Got the sour bears and they are sour. Could use more fruit flavor but they work great with severe panic and anxiety. It calmed me down unlike medicines dr prescribed me. Would definitely recommend

  43. Jennifer Newton

    Used some of them before a doctor’s appointment I was dreading. They calmed me down and evened me out enough that I did not freak like I had expected. Will definitely use again!

  44. Fatima

    This was my first time trying a CBD product. The gummies taste so good, and helped with the aches and pains from my accident. I slept well and woke up refreshed. I will definitely get more.

  45. Brittany

    I received the sour neon bears and they are delicious! Really great flavor and they even smell good! I don’t typically take anything for anxiety and I noticed quickly after eating a few that I started to relax and felt less jittery. I am looking forward to trying more products!

  46. Murphy

    Received the Sour Bear gummies and after taking two, could really feel the effects after half an hour. I was able to sleep soundly without feeling groggy the next day. Plus they taste great!

  47. Shawn

    I really enjoyed the flavor they were not to sour. The cbd really helped with the pain in my knee and with my anxiety.

  48. Trincell Shelvin

    They truly work to help with ongoing conditions. Could use a bit more of a fruit flavor like other non cbd gummies on the market. Not too chewy either.

  49. Rocio

    They have greatly helped with my anxiety and with being able to sleep.

  50. P Smith

    Best gummies out there. My favorites are: peach, sour ribbons and bears. They’ve helped ease my anxiety as well as have a good nights sleep. I cannot express how yummy and effective they are.

  51. Ashley

    These have worked wonders for me. I have noticed a dramatic change in my sleeping habits. I feel so much more rested. They taste great too!!!

  52. Beth Adkins

    Received my Sour Bear gummies today and I feel better already! I have generalized anxiety disorder and these gummies calm me down and help me get back to myself when medicines can’t. They taste amazing and smell just as good. Thanks Kore Organic for your awesome products!

  53. Tim Bolton

    I love these. They work perfect. Just the way I expected. I love how it helps me sleep and I wake up feeling refreshed.

  54. A-aron

    I take half when I feel anxiety coming on. The gummies help calm and relax me.

  55. Maria B

    Love the gummy bears. There amazing!!!

  56. Tanya Marrow

    I recently purchased the 7 ct. Georgia Peach Rings CBD gummies. I had to order these after getting great results from a free sample that I received earlier. I suffer from anxiety & insomnia & these gummies have been a blessing. They help to calm my anxiety as well as help me to finally get some sleep. I’m a customer for life now!! P.S. They taste good too!!

  57. Shan

    The Best CBD Gumies I’ve ever had. Out of all the products these ive found to work the best and are my favorite! Its helped me with sleep, mood, and pain (shoulder, back, leg, cramps, generalized body ache). Taking them for a week really helps me.

  58. Lily andrews

    I’m in love with these

  59. Neet Dow

    Highly recommend it worked well for my joint pain

  60. Michele Dean

    These Kore CBS gummies are great! The flavor is actually really good. I have tried 2 other CBS gummies & both tasted so bad I gave them away. I was able to sleep for almost 7 hours without my neighbors dog barking waking me! I recommend trying these!

  61. Joy S.

    I really love these gummy products. The flavor is great and helps me relax and makes my joint pain not do bad and helps me sleep at night. I am glad I tried these and don’t need to try another company. Thank you – Joy

  62. Tracy

    I have been purchasing the watermelon rings for my 15 year old son. He suffers from extreme anxiety and these really help him. I have tried them and they really help me get a restful sleep. I have purchase five jars so far!

  63. wsantiagojr

    I love these bears. I ordered a free sample and when i tasted them from day one they were amazing. Helps me with not being able to sleep.

  64. Marc

    I am a recovering addict and I have a very hard time concentrating relaxing and sleeping it’s a bad combination but since I found Kore organics I am able to relax concentrate and sleep the product is great it’s cost efficient and quick delivery

  65. Caitlin

    This was my first time trying CBD gummies, and I enjoyed them! Although they do taste distinctly different from standard gummy bears, but still taste great with strong fruity flavors. While I found that taking just one didn’t do much for me, taking two really helped to soften the edges a little bit and relax! I also appreciated the letter that came with my order. It really sounded like the company was interested in hearing their customers’ feedback and suggestions.

  66. Debbie Phillips

    I received the Kore gummies as a sample,and I am so happy I did or I would never have known about these yummy little treats,I say treats because they taste so good,its hard to just take the required dose! I finally felt a sense of calm come over me after taking 2,so I would take these before I had to go shopping or run errands because it calmed me down and lowered my anxiety! I am such a huge lover of cbd gummies now…Thank you Kore Organic for introducing me to a natural way of helping my anxieties! If you haven’t tried these yet,I highly recommend you do! You will fall in love with them as I did…

  67. Austin

    I ordered the Peach Rings when they first came out and were on special. It was supposed to automatically apply a discount from an email link that I received. After doing a checkout and buying them I was upset that I didn’t get any discount whatsoever. After a few email exchanges and a phone call from Kore, they apologized and sent me a free topical lotion as well as a little pack of gummy bears. Great customer service and a great save! Also I love the peach rings and just ordered the water soluble CBD drops which is some of the most effective CBD I have ever taken.

  68. Angela Z

    Absolutely love the gummy worms!! I can take half and it calms me. Love love love!

  69. Michael

    I have purchased the CBD gummies twice already. I love them. They help with my anxiety and calms my heart. I will be a customer for life.

  70. Rosie

    These gummies are heaven sent. My pain has disappeared, wish I known about these a long time ago. Thanks Kore Organic!!!!!!

  71. Messysweetheart

    Great packaging, great product. Tastes like you’d expect a cbd gummy to taste. Slightly sweet and sour and slightly bitter but delicious. These were such a treat!

  72. Rena Drew

    Wonderful product. Helps me fall asleep quickly and without the morning after groggy feeling. My son has ADHD and on weekends we dont give him his meds – we tried a gummy to keep him calm and it worked like a charm and held its strength thruout the day!

  73. Pegane

    These gummies are amazing! I was having a horrible day and in so much pain and I took 2 of these and the pain just melted away.i was so relaxed that I was able to get some good restful sleep! These are a lifesaver

  74. Jenn Scott

    Was amazing

  75. Jenn Scott

    They are awesome…they helped me relax..gonna get more..

  76. Shenika Cleveland

    These gummies are the best! I especially love the green gummie bear. Will be ordering more soon.

  77. savagemama1315

    These gummies work really well. I have chronic pain and I was feeling great in minutes!!

  78. Corina

    I have arthritis and I have to have a hip replacement soon. I also suffer from Anxiety and Depression and I have been told that CBD can really help. I would really like to try it.

  79. define invigorate

    CBD for the win!

  80. Amy B

    These gummies taste great and really helped me sleep. They were also good for anxiety, I felt calmer after taking them. Really great product and would definitely recommend.

  81. Robin Lackey

    I LOVE these gummies! I tried the sour gummi bears and my anxiety was NOTICEABLY lower. Additionally, I slept very well which is a rare thing for me. Very satisfied. Highly recommend!

  82. ye

    Works very well. Help reduce my anxiety and promote good mood.


    I want to try it please.

  84. Shante Sallie

    They really helped me relax and sleep fast

  85. Angela Coey

    I suffer from back pain , and am looking forward to trying cbd


    I have tried several different CBD gummies, these are hands down the tastiest and most effective! I have panic disorder (severe anxiety) and helped mellow me out and my anxiety lessoned. They taste amazing, and are a great mix of sweet and sour. They also helped with pain and I always sleep like a baby when I take a dose. These are my favorite I’ve found so far, it’s a great price, and fast shipping. I will absolutely be ordering more! I was also impressed that these came with information about how they are made with high quality organic CBD and are lab tested for purity and potency. I’ve already recommended them to my mom and would recommend them to anyone for anxiety, sleep issues and even pain management! I will be a frequent customer!

  87. Crystal V Rivera

    Got a pack of these to test for free and I was so blown away with how great these were and how well they worked that I signed on a few hours after trying them simply to purchase them! Its RARE that a free samples leads to a purchase for me but this product was THAT good!

  88. Jenny Brundige

    I tried the sour gummy bears and I was amazed that they actually did help me sleep and stay asleep.theybslso helped some with my anxiety too.they actually worked the first night I tried one n then the second night was amazing.if you are skeptical or have wanted to try these or any other cbd products from kore then I would say go for it because it’s worth the try and if they can help me then I know they can help anyone out there who’s willing to give it a try.thank you more organics.

  89. Jen R

    These sour gummies pack a punch of goodness that’s flavorful and more without leaving any weird chemical aftertaste in my mouth. I love that these are simply made with high quality organic CBD and lab tested for purity and potency! The gummies are sealed well in a zip locked and sealed pouch assuring you its’ freshness and edibleness to meet or exceed your expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed these delicious gummies and look forward to adding more Kore Organic products to my CBD shelf!

  90. Jillian Kern

    These are amazing! I love the variety of flavors. They help tremendously with anxiety and inability to sleep. Would recommend these to ANYONE!

  91. Tamara

    I enjoy these CBD gummies. They help me sleep so peacefully and taste Good.

  92. Lela Hightower

    Great product. Helps with pain relief.

  93. Susan

    I had ordered the gummies for sleep and anxiety. I can’t believe how well this product has helped me. I would recommend this product if looking for an alternative solution to prescription medications.

  94. Dacia

    These gummies are not only delicious but they help with my anxiety and make me sleep like a baby! Will definitely be buying more! The watermelon rings are delicious!

  95. Sg

    Gave me a nice mellow mood and worked fast!

  96. Washburn

    Really enjoyed these gummies, they worked great and will be ordering more.

  97. Amanda James

    These cbd gummies are absolutely marvelous! They work so efficiently and actually taste decent! I highly recommend trying these gummies if you have not already. I will certainly be buying more as they are sure to not let you down.

  98. Heather Veatch

    I love this product- I had gotten a free sample in an order from Baken Babes and now I order direct from the site. Helps with falling asleep and my Rheumatoid Arthritis at 36yrs old. Awesome productS that taste great!

  99. Beth Hargett

    I tried the Kore CBD sour bear gummies for a week. I have severe anxiety issues and I barely fall asleep before it’s time to get up again. I used two gummies (one to two gummies a day is recommended) a couple of hours before bedtime and a couple of times earlier when my anxiety was getting the best of me. The results were amazing! I felt calmer and less anxious, as well as more focused within 30 minutes or so of chewing a gummy. They taste good and I love that Kore knows where their raw materials come from and that they do third party testing and reviewing! I plan to keep these around all the time and my husband is interested too. Thank you, Kore for a fantastic product!

  100. Christy Hogan

    I have been going through some very stressful times right now with family health emergencies. So needless to say the stress levels were through the roof. I decided to try the gummie bears to see if they would help. They were great! I have since purchased four more bags of them. I would recommend them to everyone.

  101. Annie Lee

    These help take the edge off

  102. Lindsay A FERRY

    i love the cbd gummies.there the best i ever tryied.no complaints. ill be buying more

  103. Christy

    I received a sample package of the sour gummie bears. I was suffering with some major anxiety because of a family medical emergency. I tried one in the evening and it really helped me calm down and I was able to get a restful nights sleep. I would recommend these to anyone who suffers from anxiety. I have bought four packages since using all of my sample pack. Thank you for such a great product.

  104. Robin Thompson

    Absolutely loved these gummies! Great taste and helped me to relax and rest! Highly recommend!

  105. Tamara D.

    Purchased the sour neon gummies and they are tasty and relieve anxiety & help you sleep peacefully through the night.

  106. Kelly C

    I’ve used a wide array of different CBD products in my search for the best product, some have been hit or miss, but this company goes above and beyond all of my expectations. I was using this to assist with pain issues and sleep issues and i noticed a significant improvement in my ability to fall asleep within 45 minutes of trying my first gummy. It also helped soothe my arthritic pain I live with everyday. I highly recommend you try their products for yourself. They will not disappoint!

  107. Dee Barclay

    I’m trying to get away from prescription drugs and thought I’d try this. I actually felt better after just a few days. Packaging was appealing and easy to open. I got the gummies and wish I would have gotten capsules but will next time for I wasn’t excited about the sour flavor but that’s me. Do besides my fault of getting correct kind I would definitely recommend this to family and friends or anyone for the product sure does work. Want to feel better then buy it you won’t be dissatisfied

  108. David

    Works well! Satisfied with the product. No grogginess for me and tastes good. 👍👍


    I have used a lot of CBD products before, but Kore Organic CBD gummies are by far the best I have used. I took one gummy about 45 minutes before bed, and I have finally slept all night!! I am truly impressed and you have a happy customer!! Thank you so much.

  110. Matt

    These taste so good and they helped with my pain. I would recommend them highly. I will be ordering them again.

  111. Kim

    These gummies are amazing…..I have trouble sleeping some nights and this definitely does the trick. You won’t go wrong with these!!!

  112. Jamie

    These are perfect for a good nights sleep without feeling groggy in the morning. Beat the Sunday scaries with these gummies

  113. Erika P

    The gummies really work!! I wasn’t getting much sleep because I am recovery from surgery, I was out like I took a sleeping pill. I would definitely try these again. Great job Kore!!

  114. Pamela Roberts

    I loved these gummies! They were very flavorful and seemed to work really well. When I got mine they had melted into one solid large gummy do I’m not sure just how many I ate at a time but I definitely slept well! I would recommend that you try them out! They taste great and are reasonably priced!

  115. Nikita Farr

    These gummies help me relax and get a good night sleep

  116. Julie Fetters

    Taste very good, best I’ve tried so far! Work great for my anxiety & insomnia, thank you for the sample!!

  117. Cassie

    Night Night

  118. Sarahcarlow

    These gummies are amazing! They calm down my autistic son, his meltdowns are very minimal, he’s is such a good mood most days aswell.

  119. Ethan

    Awesome gummies! I loved the product and I was shocked that it worked so well!

  120. Jennifer Sullivan

    These gummies are great! They have really helped my mom with her chronic pain. When I can’t sleep well they relax me so I sleep good with no hang over feeling the next day.

  121. Shelley

    I love my gummies from Kore organic. They taste great and I was relaxed and sleeping in about 2hours. I will purchase again.

  122. Tanya

    I received a free sample of the 7ct. gummies recently & boy was I happy with the results!! I suffer from anxiety & various aches & pains. I took one gummy to start because I’m a novice when it comes to CBD. In less than 5 minutes, I felt calmer & the pain in my feet were gone. I’m not too fond of the sour taste but it’s tolerable. I will definitely be ordering more once I run out, which will be soon.

  123. Naomi

    I came home stressed from a 12 hr shift at a hospital. Ate one of these gummies and was so relaxed I fell fast asleep! Love this product!

  124. Lola Lauer

    For the first time in years I’ve been able to sleep more than four hours. I am beyond happy to find this superior product.

  125. Justine

    Absolutely top notch product!! Works very good to ease nerves and aid in my sleeping and staying asleep through out the night!! Love my K O R E!!!

  126. Angela Guidas

    Great product to use for anxiety relief. They are sooo tasty too!

  127. Melissa Pentkowski

    I’m so so happy I tried these Kore Organic CBD gummies they helped with my anxiety and relaxed me and my constant muscle spasms that I experience and helped me get a full night sleep I highly recommend these gummies

  128. hannahexpress

    Got these as a free sample. They came just in time! They help alot with my period cramps and helped me go right to sleep. The taste is good too!

  129. Colleen

    I managed to snag a pack of these a couple weeks ago when they were offering free samples. When they arrived I tossed them on the desk with some other mail.. but a few days later I fell at work and hurt my foot (among other things), so when I got home I picked up the “overachieving” gummy bears, and they really did help! Not only with my foot pain, but I’ve also slept great all week.

  130. Kerry J

    I got a free CBD Gummies Sample pack from them The Sour Bears,They are very tasty..I think they work great, great if you are looking for something without the THC, I am a long user of Full spectrum THC . Do to high anxiety, ect.Lots of medical problems..But this product comes very close to the same affect as the Full spectrum THC that i currently use, would tell anyone looking to try CBD products to try KORE first before you invest $$$$ money in Full Spectrum THC products

  131. Renee Brakey

    TJ is product worked great and tasted great… I would recommend it to all my friends and family

  132. Tim

    I love it. Had gotten a free sample and had to order more. Helps me with pain and sleep

  133. Stacie R schaefer

    Love these ordering some next week

  134. Barb

    I was fortunate to receive a free sample of the pack of 7 gummy bears, my first ever CBD gummies. Wow. I have had several of them now & was so shocked when I took the first one in the afternoon, not realizing what would happen. I became very sleepy and relaxed & slept through to midnight, woke up briefly then slept again until 6:00 am. I NEVER sleep all night through partly due to chronic pain. I just ordered more after a helpful chat with a nice rep. Your prices are very reasonable, even though I´m on a fixed income I´ll figure out a way to continue getting these. Thank you so much again for the sample!

  135. Timothy Herbert

    As a front-line healthcare worker, the past months have been LOADED with stress and anxiety. Got turned on to Kore gummies by a local RN. He was using them th help him sleep, and suggested I try a couple. Well, what a revelation! Good, deep quality sleep with no AM ” brain fog”.

  136. Rena B

    These are, by far, the bet CBD gummies I’ve tried. They taste great, with no lingering aftertaste and help me sleep better than I have in a long while.

    I often wake several times a night and have trouble falling back to sleep. So,each night, for a week, I’ve eaten just one before bed and have slept a solid 6 hours. That’s a win for me!

  137. Marlena Fannin

    Loved these gummies. By far, the best I have found . I have shopped around at Hemp stores and none compare in quality or taste to these. I am recommending these to all my friends.

  138. Lexi

    I got these try to because I have really bad anxiety and I felt my anxiety get really bad the other night and wanted to prevent a panic attack took 2 of these and it calmed my anxiety down tremendously I will definitely be buying more they’ve helped my anxiety a lot!

  139. Gabrielle

    Received the neon gummies as a sample, and I’m hooked. By far, the best tasting gummy EVER! They really did the trick with my anxiety. I was relaxed within 30 mins, and it lasted through the night. I even slept well. Would definitely recommend.

  140. Benita Na

    Great product, probably the best CBD gummy I’ve had! The taste is great and the CBD is definitely high quality. This helps me with my anxiety and insomnia during the night. I recommend trying these Gummies or any of their products!

  141. BernaW.

    I’m so glad I got to try this, this one of the best CBD gummies that I’ve tried, it’s 100% organic and very high quality, recommended for people with anxiety and nervousness this makes you calm and a mood enhancer. This actually works well for me too with my sleeping problem, took 2 gummies before bedtime and gave me such a goodnight sleep!!

  142. liz

    These sour bear gummies are delicious and definitely helped me relax and sleep better. I would recommend this product if you are looking for something to help with anxiety and sleep.

  143. Pete cox

    The gummys are grate and hoped with my gout i get alot . Tase grate and dont stick to your teeth. 10 out of 10.thank you so much.

  144. jamie utpadl

    Quite possibly the best gummies on the market- They are effective and have great taste.

  145. Betty Cole

    Love these. I suffer from insomnia and usually I am awake every hr.I tried this product and slept for 5 straight hrs. I was so happy

  146. WolfiesGirl1219

    These gummy bears taste WAY better than any other gummies I’ve tried. They helped immensely with my anxiety but what impressed me the most was my pain was so greatly reduced! Which is the best thing I could ask for!!!

  147. K. Turner

    I had the sour gummy bears and they were awesome. They helped me with my anxiety ( important event that day) and they helped me rest and get a peaceful night’s sleep. Bonus: They were deelicious!!

  148. Julie

    Taste good, better than any others I’ve tried!! Work pretty quickly to relieve anxiety! Thanks so much!!

  149. Allison

    I train 6 to 7 days a week and don’t think about being sore because it’s my normal but it can effect quality of sleep. These bears relaxed my body and gave me the best rest I’ve had in a long time. Let’s not forget the flavor and consistency are amazing. I can’t rave enough at how much better these are than other cbd gummies I’ve tried, and I’ve tried many. Tldr; fantastic product, highly recommend.

  150. Julie Fetters

    Taste great, better than the others I’ve tried!! Worked quickly to relieve anxiety, thank you for the sample!!

  151. Tracy Lantis

    I had the pleasure of trying the cbd sour gummies and was pleasantly surprised at how fast they worked I slept better and my anxieties diminished these are by far the best cbd I have tried thank you for the opportunity

  152. Lizbet

    The nuts are fresh and perfectly salted! They have a slight bitter after-taste that only lasts like a minute but they get the job done! I use them to help me sleep. I am a satisfied customer

  153. Lizbet

    The dehydrated fruits taste great! I find these are a little stronger than the nuts or gummies so I usually eat like half of one before bed. They do the job! And they taste great!

  154. Patrick

    Love Love the CBD gummies!! Taste great!! Helps me relax after long day of stressful work, helps me sleep and wake up refreshed!!

  155. Kelsey Klantchnek

    10/10 recommend! My husband and both suffer from bad backs and knees, and dealing with a 9 month old who wants to be held all the time doesn’t help! We first these as a sample and fell in love with the way they help we ordered a jar! We are almost out of that jar now too! Will be ordering another jar! They are the top of the line!

  156. Luis

    Muy buen producto. Nos ayudo a dormir bien y relajarnos.

  157. Luis

    Excellent product. We love it. It really help us with anxiety and to rest better.


    Core cbd sour gummies are top shelf. They are great for relaxation which in turn helps you sleep. Thier flavor is delicious and quality is second to none that I have tried

  159. TIFFANY Lummus

    I love your products so much!

  160. Jasmine

    These help so much with anxiety and sleeplessness. I feel so relaxed when I take them and they are so much better for you than take prescription medication. Most definitely will order more!

  161. Ernestina Abarzua

    Best CBD I have purchased in a long time. That coming from even dispensaries. You won’t be disappointed or I’ll give you, your money back. Not literally but yes that’s how great they work. This product works amazing for sleep and anxiety. Thank you KORE!!!!

  162. Elizabeth Driever

    It’s shocking how much I like this stuff! I ended up getting these because I am on a fixed income from disability and it seemed like the best bang for my buck. Did I think I would love them? No. But they are pretty amazing! The only negative is that I couldn’t control how many I ended up eating lol and found myself falling asleep into a pretty deep unexpected nap and woke up three hours later feeling amazing (!) So they definitely work! You just may want to stick to one or two lol.

    I’ve only tried three of Kore Organics products after they had a sample sale and lured me in and I have loved every single one. And each one has had a really positive effect on me. My arthritis has eased the next day and I am able to get relief and my anxiety has chilled out and I’ve been able to sleep well for the first fine in a long time. I just seem to have a much stronger reaction to their cbd than any other brands and their fruit seems to be the strongest product of theirs that I’ve tried.

    The fruits are really lovely, too. There is pineapple, papaya, mango and kiwi and each is high quality and dried at their peak of freshness. The kiwi is particularly amazing because when it dries it has this slight crunchy texture in the middle where it’s little seeds are. It reminds me of dried fruit you would get in a high end deli just soaked in cbd. And there isn’t that bitter aftertaste that you get with some edible cbd products. It’s just a smooth delivery of crystallized high quality fruit.

    The company is also easy to deal with and pleasant. Their products have only taken a short amount of time to get to me each time. Much quicker turn around than most other cbd companies. I will definitely buy these again!

  163. Rebecca A

    These gummies helped me sleep all through the night. Better than any other CBD product I’ve tried. And they taste great!

  164. Marie Arnold

    I absolutely love these gummies. I usually use them to help me sleep when I have trouble falling asleep. I eat one an hour or so before I go to bed and they knock me right out when my head hits the pillow. The taste is good too! Not sour they say!

  165. Devon

    This product first of all tastes great but also causes this amazing calming effect that really allowed me to have some of the best sleep I’ve had for a while. 10/10 Would recommend.


    I sampled the gummies and they were amazing! I will be purchasing more of them, if this is as good as they are, then y’all might be on to something 🙂

  167. Ruth Ann Jacob

    I loved the gummies so much I had to order more! Definitely helps me slow down to get a better night’s sleep. I would love to try the tincture!

  168. Cassandra Robinson

    Omg! I absolutely love these gummies so much! The flavor is amazing, not too sour, not too sweet just PERFECT! I have slept and felt amazing! I so will be buying more as soon as I can! Best CBD gummies I’ve ever tried and I go to a dispensary & these are way better!

  169. Debbie Phillips

    I sampled your cbd gummies and those were so good,so if this is half as good as they were,then I really need your tincture in my life! After having the complete pleasure of trying your gummies,the few I have sampled since do not compare,AT ALL….once my finances get back in place I’m going to definetely order some! Thank You Koreorganic for being such a stand-up company!!

  170. Jennifer

    The sour bear gummies I received were pretty good. The sour bear flavors were okay, but I did feel the gummies helped me with my anxiety. I would recommend these, for their taste and for all they help to alleviate.

  171. Melissa Irish

    Very good! Taste like candy! Helped greatly with anxiety and I got some great sleep at night. Thanks so much for the sample. I would recommend this product. There is nothing I would change about this product at all.

  172. Tiffany Jensen

    Sunday night is usually when our brains go into overdrive thinking about Monday morning and everything we have to do during the week, so restless sleep and mild anxiety are common that night. The Sour Bears were super helpful for eliminating the anxiety and we slept like babies! Thank you so much!

  173. Ta’Sherrie Morgan

    The Sour bears had an amazing taste and they put me to sleep so easily. I definitely will be ordering again!

  174. Booberka

    These are yummy and help calm me down to be able to sleep.

  175. Tina Alleman

    Kore Organics is a GAME CHANGER for me!! I have Endometriosis which causes me to suffer from chronic pain I’ve been fighting for over 20 years now ever since I was diagnosed as a teenager!! With Kore Organics I can now manage my pain the safe non addictive way!! The gummies being yummy is just a plus!! The roll on Freeze is also very helpful along with the gummies!! Thank you Kore Organics!!!! 😍💖🏥

  176. Dawn Scott

    Received my free sample, great product and will definitely be purchasing more for the future!

  177. Jennifer

    Great tasting CBD Gummies, that really did have a great calming effect. I also felt better relief from my back pain. These sour bear gummies also tasted good! Thank you for introducing me to them.

  178. Quastarcella Borom

    These gummies worked wonders for me. I used them to help me relax and get to sleep at night. The flavor is not bad to me. I ate one midway through my day and by bedtime I would find myself yawning.

  179. Kore Organic CBD Guru

    Try the watermelon rings! Thanks 🙂

  180. Mommazilla

    These work great! I actually sleep more than 4 hours due to pain and muscle spasms. I wish y’all can do a sweet version. The sour can get a bit hard to get down.

  181. Elizabeth O

    I love my CBD gummies. The sour bears are great for helping me relax when I feel stressed. I take one gummy bear when I am not feeling my best and within 10 minutes or so, I feel calm. Another benefit is that they taste really good. They also work well before bedtime. I chew one 30 minutes beforehand and my sleep is much more restful.

  182. Doris

    They came really fast!!! I love the color of them. They work really good.

  183. Joanna N

    I really enjoyed this Kore Organic CBD gummies and they help me relax very much.I like taking this gummies when feeling overwhelmed and to many things on my mind.It really works effectively and helps me deal with stress.It is also easy to take and consume.Thank you for the free CBD gummy pouch!

  184. Carol Cantey

    I received a sample of the delicious Sour Bear gummies and tried one for the first time last night. I had never tried edible CBD products before. I felt calm within five minutes. And, I got the best night’s sleep I’ve had in forever. Usually, when I get up at night to use the restroom, I have trouble falling back to sleep. Not last night! I’m a fan of this product and I’m so happy I got a chance to try it!

  185. Mone John

    I love these gummy‘s they really help me sleep and with anxiety I really recommend them to anybody looking for a good cbd item.

  186. Mone John

    I love these gummy‘s they really help me sleep and with anxiety I really recommend them to anybody looking for a legit CBD

  187. Mone John

    I really love these CBD gummy’s they actually work for me thur your sample you have gained a new customer these gummies have helped put me to sleep & they help relax me,this is a great hemp product and it represents! Thanks

  188. Stephanie Beckwith

    I was so impressed with this product! My husband and I split this sample pack and even he was happy. Will definitely be purchasing these!

  189. K M

    I took one gummy to relax after a long work day not expecting much of an effect, but boy was I wrong! I was completely knocked out and I took a super long nap before dinner. No grogginess either, pretty amazing. In the future, I will take half a gummy instead to help me with mellowing out during the day or to sleep soundly at night.

  190. Sara Compean

    Absolutely amazing!! I have major insomnia and these gummies put me to sleep slowly and peacefully! They also taste delicious

  191. Amber D Wicks

    This was my first time trying a CBD gummy and I was pleasantly surprised that just one gummy helped me more than my oral capsules (from another brand) do! I felt super relaxed and not anxious at all. I took it before bed because it can cause drowsiness and it did for me, but I slept fantastic! The texture is perfect and I love the light layer of sugar coating on the outside. You can taste a slight bitter flavor due to the CBD but it’s not over powering at all, it actually reassures me that they are using potent CBD! Highly recommend!!

  192. Whitney Anderson

    I’ve never tried CBD gummies before and now I’m obsessed! Like I am shocked, I had a headache and I was readying they would help with it. I was like well I mine as well try them now. 20 minutes later, I help completed better and even in a different mood set. So much happier! This has helped me A lot with stress at work right now during this time and they taste great!

  193. Briana Parks

    I ordered the Sour Neon Gummies! I really enjoyed these. I have insomnia and high anxiety; the gummies helped me relax and kept me sleeping all night! Will be ordering again!!

  194. Cynthia A Hines

    Best CBD gummies I’ve ever had!! Works great..fast shipping and they answer all your questions quickly. I love that I came across this company. They have a forever customer in me. Thanks Kore!!

  195. LESLIE

    Love them they are really good and do really help you pain reduction.

  196. Kelsey

    My husband loves these! He shattered his ankle 7 years ago and night time seems to always be a problem and these help keep him asleep all night!!

  197. Torres

    They work great. Finally didn’t have trouble going to sleep.

  198. Nicole

    I honestly loved that it helped me so much! I have tried others before and never really helped! Finally found this one! And I went to bed at 9pm and got up at 6am! I havent done that since i was 15 or 16 years old and I’m 24 years old now! Best ever to calm you down and Wine Down! Also great staff as well !

  199. [email protected]

    I’ve never had a cbd product work on me but this put me right to bed and made me so relaxed and I have troubles sleeping every single night. They are amazing!! And taste absolutely delicious 🤩

  200. Amy Sweitzer

    I really loved my free sample. They helped with my anxiety and pain. I have severe Spondylosis and myelopathy. I also have osteoarthritis in both hips and spinal stenosis. I am really glad I got them. I’m going to order more in my near future. Thank you for the sample.

  201. Betsy

    Barely in my 30s, I’ve been having hip ache/pain from sitting all day for work. I got these and after taking a few days consistently, I not only sleep better but also feel relief in my hip which I’m so so grateful for. 100% recommend. Also, pretty delicious flavor!! 10/10 recommend.

  202. Nicole

    Received a free sample of these & will definitely be buying.
    1 gummie took effect in under 30 minutes & left me with long lasting feelings of relaxation & relief from anxiety.

  203. Rebecca W

    These were awesome, they really relaxedo me and helped me fall asleep and stay asleep. I really like that these are organic. They taste wonderful as well. If you’re looking for a great sleep supplement that’s healthy, you need to try these. Thank you Koreorganic, I love them.

  204. Kesha

    I absolutely love these they work amazing was great for my back pain and made me feel so relaxed

  205. Sarah

    Love these gummies! I struggle with sleep since I have a crazy work schedule and I’m a single mom! These gummies helped me relax and made me sleep so much better and longer! They also made me feel so much better

  206. Mariah Garcia

    Got these gummies and they are amazing!! I constantly wake up through the night so I took one about 1 hour before I was going to go to sleep. I didn’t wake up at all!! I feel super refreshed. I would highly recommend these. Going to repurchase soon!

  207. Charlie

    I love these!!
    I’ve struggled with sleeping my whole life! I also have anxiety. I tried these gummies and I feel so relaxed that I can’t even get anxious thoughts & I’ve never been able to fall asleep when I want to until I tried these, I only need 1 and I get so comfy and just drift away to sleep, and I don’t wake up until morning! I’ve actually been waking up earlier now too!
    Thanks, Kore Organic 💗

  208. Tony Tannahill

    📬 #Fulfillment Summit Labs & #Koreorganic.com/reviews ; sent us Free CBD Gummies Sour Bears 🎉 They work great and really love the taste of them 😋Thank you very much 🧫 Fulfillment Summit Labs 🧪 and Koreorganic 🌈

  209. Dreama White

    Very tasty and works great! It reduced my pain alot so I could sleep better!

  210. Brin Snyder

    One of the best CBD gummies I’ve tried! Tasted amazing and took my migraine away quickly. I slept like a baby for the first time in months!

  211. Latrina

    I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since I was pregnant. Since I started taking these I’ve had a restful night of sleep.

  212. Holly

    I received a 7 count pack to try..I picked the sour neon worm gummies.They taste amazing!First time trying CBD and I have to say I was pretty mellowed out after eating these.If you’re stressed they seem to work and make you relax.Slept pretty good too!Thank you for letting me try these!

  213. Sylvia q

    First time trying them they’re yummie and they worked .. super relaxed

  214. TonyaFaye

    I got a sample of the CBD gummies in the mail. I tried them and they were actually good. I don’t like gummies all that much, but I liked the CBD gummies. They were tasty and I actually fell asleep that night without lying awake for hours.

  215. Rhoda Reid

    I just tried the gummies and LOVE them! They helped relax me so that I could fall asleep quickly, and I actually had a restfull nights sleep for the first time in years. They are the best tasting gummies I’ve ever had.

  216. Candy527

    I absolutely love these CBD gummies!! They taste amazing and I can really feel them helping! I’ve tried about 6 different brands and these are by far the best!! Definitely give them a try!

  217. Kristy Arlin

    This gummies are AWESOME! I use them for sleep.. I bad trying to catch sleep early bc I used to work overnight.. they help me alot to sleep well!

  218. Annie

    My husband had the sour bear and it worked so well to help him relax to fall asleep. He usually has insomnia and this was one of the most effective things he’s tried! It worked so well that we purchased a bunch more before we even ran out of the bag we had.

  219. Lucille Clark

    I loved my Kore Organic CBD gummies. I tried the watermelon rings. First time I tried candy with CBD. Awesome company. Only downside is there’s only 7 in a bag for the price. With all that’s going on now, it’ll be hard to buy them all the time.

  220. Shanna

    I am so glad that I got the watermelon rings! This was my first time trying CBD gummies and I am definitely sold! They not only helped me relax and get a great night sleep, but they are the only thing that has been able to relieve the pain and inflammation in my wrist and hand. Definitely will be ordering more!

  221. Krystal Roberts

    I couldn’t believe how flavorful the Watermelon Rings were within 30 mins I could feel my anxiety decrease. I felt relaxed well into the night and woke up very rested. Thank you for creating such an amazing CBD product that was enjoyable to eat and that actually worked!

  222. Angela L Smith

    After taking just 2 gummies I got the best sleep I had gotta in weeks. I love tho product and can’t wait to order more.

  223. Kirstin

    I love these gummies. They worked almost too well! Really helped my anxiety and helped me get a good night of sleep.

  224. Crystal

    I loved these gummies not as sour as I was hoping but tasted great and helped me sleep

  225. Kore Organic CBD Guru

    That’s awesome! We’re so happy you had a chance to try our products and that you benefitted from them!

  226. Kore Organic CBD Guru

    We really appreciate the feedback! So glad they worked for you!

  227. Kore Organic CBD Guru

    Wow! “The best!” That means so much! So glad you’re loving them!

  228. Kore Organic CBD Guru

    That’s amazing to hear! We wish you sweet dreams!

  229. Kore Organic CBD Guru

    Thanks so much for the feedback! It makes us so happy to hear that we’re your new favorite and that they’re helping get through the day.

  230. Kore Organic CBD Guru

    So glad you enjoyed our flavors!

  231. Kore Organic CBD Guru

    We’re so glad these brought you some relief! Hoping you get back to work soon!

  232. Kore Organic CBD Guru

    Thanks so much for sharing how our gummies have helped you! We’re so glad it helps you and your hubby sleep!

  233. Tammy Shattell

    They are great had the sour gummies and definitely helped me sleep and made me mellow as I have anxiety so thank you for my sample I woud definitely get again

  234. Kore Organic CBD Guru

    We’re so glad they’re helping you stay calm!

  235. Kore Organic CBD Guru

    So glad you loved the taste!

  236. Kore Organic CBD Guru

    That’s great to hear! We’re glad we exceeded your expectations!

  237. Araceli Villalobos

    I was lucky enough to be able to order and receive a free 7 count cbd gummies from more organic. The gummies taste great and I felt the effect of relaxation and calm rather quickly. I am interested in trying out more products from their line. My fiancé bought the cbd oil the vape kind and the taste always was amazing thanks so much for great quality and fast shipping.

  238. Jessica

    I got a sample of the Sour Gummy Bears. I was shocked. They actually work. Most CBD brands I’ve tried didnt help at all but these made me very relaxed, my anxiety was under control and I slept like a baby. I would highly recommend this brand!

  239. Danielle Elizabeth

    Love these gummies! They actually work and work super well! The best CBD Gummies I have ever tried! Help my insomnia and anxiety amazingly!

  240. Lukas

    These were a total life saver! Both my wife and I suffer from insomnia and after trying multiple diffrent products from herbal teas to melatonin gummies we decided to give kore cbd gummies a try and I’m so glad we did! For the first time in a long time we were able to sleep a whole 8 hours with out waking up once!

  241. E Driever

    I received a free sample from Kore Organic and was happy enough that it will become my normal brand. Reasonably priced, easy to eat (taste pretty good compared to other brands!) and seemed to work well as well. They helped with my anxiety level and allowed more functionality throughout the day as I deal with lupus and arthritic symptoms. Thanks!

  242. Brittany C

    They taste great and really do the job!

  243. Nicole Ricks

    These were great I had never tried CBD before so I’m a newbie, but I do have a neurological condition that causes me extreme discomfort and pain. I found these brought me some relief which is awesome because I’m in recovery and look for natural alternatives to pain and stress relief. Once I get back into the working world I’ll be a customer for sure. Thanks y’all

  244. Brittany

    They taste great and definitely work! If your tired they make you fall asleep or in pain it reduces it.

  245. Sharnakay Chambers

    This help with my sleeping and my anxiety better than I expected

  246. Angela

    I’ve been trying to look for a good CBD oil or gummies and I received these very quickly . I didn’t think they would do much for me, but they really mellowed me out. I’ve been pretty stressed with life with everything going on in the world right now, and trying to transition to working from home.. I took two gummies and I was feeling much more mellow and calm. Definitely would recommend

  247. Erin J

    Quick delivery, great product as well. My husband is a combat veteran that has issues relaxing and sleeping. This product helps him fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. I struggle with anxiety and it really helps keep me from stressing, getting hot and overwhelmed. Highly recommend!

  248. Kristina

    Very good to help with sleep and calmness.

  249. Kore Organic CBD Guru

    Home health workers? $30+ purchase gets a free thing of Kore Organic Hand Sanititzer!

  250. Jessica Solomon

    Very Effective!! My husband is often anxious and has a hard time falling AND staying asleep (especially since we’re in the last few weeks of my pregnancy). He takes one gummy before bed and he’s asleep in 30 minutes and sleeps through the night.

  251. Smita Kothari

    “Yes” below means you could use a gummy –
    1) Coronavirus stress – Is your senior citizen parent an essential employee and their retirement and health are in danger? Are you rationing your toilet paper because you stocked but didn’t hoard? Are your relatives obsessively forwarding FB articles?
    2) Poor sleep schedule/patterns – Are you reading this at 3:50am? Have you memorized every meme because you can’t sleep? Does it feel like Groundhog’s Day?
    3) Workout goals – Are you sore because Netflix and Abs? Or because navigating your home in lunges is all you can control?

    This is a great product (actually excellent in quality – even my husband, the pessimist, was impressed!), and now is the perfect time to re-focus on emotional, mental, physical health management. I’m so glad this was recommended to me!

  252. SheriLisko

    Is this free for home health workers

  253. Maurine Santos

    The CBD gummy worms taste just like the candy gummies I ate growing up. They definitely help with anxiety relief and helped eased me to sleep.

  254. karen Gray

    I love love Kore great CBD love the capsules I do not go a day without the them Kore organic for life. The only CBD for me

  255. Chantel

    Totally recommend for everyone! Whether you just need relaxation from anxiety or have a headache. It’s a great product.

  256. karen Gray

    LOVE LOVE KORE The best CBD brand around. I had a problem and it was solved with seconds of a phone call. Will be a user for life. Your brand ROCKS thanks again Kore member

  257. karen Gray

    I love love Kore capsules they are the best I have tried. I have had cancer three times and CBD really helps me get through the day.Kore brand rocks customer for life

  258. Kelly

    I have never tried CBD gummies before and when I ate one I was amazing at how fast my anxiety was relieved. I felt like I could go through my day with confidence and no worries. It was such a great relief. I would 100% recommended giving these a try.

  259. Tom

    These CBD gummy worms are amazing! First time trying this CBD and it works great! I would take a gummy in the evening after leg day! Have a nice relax evening and a good night sleep.

  260. Michelle Rafael

    Sooo yummy!!!! The taste is amazing!! They taste even better the the normal kid gummies 😂 such a nice feeling. Relaxes and helps with sleep and anxiety.

  261. Keith

    Kore CBD Sour neon worm 🐛 gummies are awesome 👏. My wife and I enjoyed everyone. It’s a must have !

  262. Kore Organic CBD Guru

    Kore Organic CBD is an isolate, in short, this means that it is only CBD there are no other terpenes or cannabinoids (including THC) in the products. There should not be any profound difference in products (other than dosage) since it is CBD isolate. Other product types such as full-spectrum, or broad spectrum contain more of the cannabis profile which makes each plant have a different effect. Kore Organic CBD Isolate is only CBD. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  263. Steph

    Works awesome! The CBD + n-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine is a perfect combo for pain free sleep for me. I was in a bad accident and have a lot of injuries which can make sleep difficult. These are perfect!

  264. Kim

    I love the watermelon rings, they work so well to help me fall asleep, it is amazing! I tried the cherry ones and noticed it did not have the same effect on me, although they are delicious, cherry being my favorite flavor. I was curious if it was a different cbd oil in each one, like a different strand?

  265. Joanna Gauthier

    I’ve tried a few different brands of CBD Gummies. KORE brand gummies are by far the best tasting, and the most effective. Not only do they help with my anxiety, I can feel relief from my back pain. I will definitely buy these again, and looking forward to trying different products!

  266. Yasmeen A.

    I’ve never tried CBD gummies before and now I’m obessed! This has helped me A lot with stress and they taste great!

  267. Kore Organic CBD Guru

    Glad it helped! Let us know if you have any questions! [email protected]

  268. Kore Organic CBD Guru

    Thanks Nibu! We find a lot of our customers use CBD for anxiety. So glad it’s helped you!

  269. It

    Hi Brandon! It’s a proprietary blend mixed with our organic CBD isolate.

  270. It

    Hey Matt, So glad they help provide some relaxation after work. We send out some specials via our newsletter!

  271. Brandon Park

    Can you tell me how much melatonin is in each of your gummies?

  272. Matt

    The gummies worked better than expected. I noticed they do help with sleep and stress relief after a long day at work. Wish they were a little cheaper, but overall very pleased with the product and will continue using.

  273. It

    Thanks for the review Shannon! Our gummies are definitely our go-to for a good night’s sleep too!

  274. It

    Hi Anna! It means so much that you recognize our team! 🙂 Yes, we put a lot of thought and love into our products. We’re so glad you had such an amazing experience! Thank you for sharing!

  275. It

    Hey Astrid. That’s so great to hear the gummies helped with your back pain! Thanks for the feedback on the cherries; they’re definitely not a fan of the sun!

  276. It

    That’s awesome to hear Sadie! Your descriptors of other CBD products are very vivid! (lol) We’re so happy you’re loving your Kore gummies!

  277. Sadie

    Taste. Texture. Sour. Sweet. Perfect on every level. Most CBD products I have tried tasted like dirty, stale marijuana, but Kore absolutely killed it. They taste amazing. A perfect balance of flavor. Besides these being a delicious treat, they really helped me with my anxiety! Thank you, Kore.

  278. Dara Colarusso

    The best tasting CBD gummy I have tried so far!

  279. Astrid Scheib

    I tried the watermelon rings, cherries and gummy bears for my first order and they all taste SO good. Definitely the watermelon rings were my favorite! They taste amazing and helped me get back to sleep soundly when I wake up in the middle of the night from random constant back pain without having to take Alieve or Tylenol all the time

    I do have to say that out of the 3, the cherries had the strongest CBD bitter taste and were the only ones of them that melted pretty bad upon delivery (I live in South GA) other than that, will definitely repurchase!

  280. Anna Gallegos

    This is by far the best experience I’ve had with CBD. Not only has it worked the best for me, but the customer service is excellent and the packaging is really nice. You can really tell when a company cares about their company and it shows with Kore Organic. Can’t wait to try more from them!

  281. You

    Thank you for taking your time to review our product and we’re glad you enjoy it.

  282. Jaime Lopez

    This product is definitely worth the investment.

    First of all, the customer service provided by the Kore Organic team was superb. They are very prompt in answering all your questions in any way you connect with them – even on social media.

    The product arrived a few days earlier than expected and it came in a really sturdy and thick wooden bottle. You can tell that there was a lot of time and money put into it to hold your top tier cbd fruit in the quality container it deserves.

    As for the cbd product itself, the dried fruit is spectacular. It is very tasty and does NOT taste like the type of dried fruit you’d get at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere. No, this is some top-of-the-line, high end chain stuff. Almost like what they have at Dean and Deluca – except with all the benefits of CBD.

    I look forward to re-ordering when I am finished with it. Congrats Team Kore, I love what you are selling.

  283. Shannon

    The watermelon rings are the first CBD Gummy that has helped me sleep. The taste is phenomenal and they knock me out for the night!

  284. Nibu

    This Product really works great!!! I Would recommend for any level of anxiety or even for nervousness before an event. Its 100% Organic and 1000 times better for you than a chemical drug.

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