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CBD Gummies with No THC

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Finally! You made it, you are ready to become your best self – and relax. Our locally produced, hand-crafted, and small-batch CBD gummies with no THC are better than ever. Kore Original family members have found relief for their anxiety, sleep, and aches – with our perfected formula. Each gummy is dosed precisely at 15 milligrams apiece. Then paired with our unique blend made to work with your body. The way it is meant to, naturally.

Each immaculate flavor comes in either a 525mg | 35 piece – jar or 105mg | 7 piece – pouch. Both are equipped with patented CRC (Child Resistant Closures) to give you peace of mind at home. Proudly utilizing post-recycled packaging as our way of giving back. Wrapped up in our specialized tamper-proof packaging, now you can truly catch those “zzz…”. Your journey to relaxation is only a couple of clicks away.

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"You are only one step away from living life on your terms!"

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Creation Story

We are thankful for the Kore Original family making our CBD gummies what put us on the map. Now, with our further reach, we can spread what it means to be #OverAchievingCBD. Each bold flavor has been created to taste like your favorite treats. Not sure where to start? Try our pouches to suit your on-the-go personality; or stock up with a whole jar – perfect for a bedside table.

We have created a full seed-to-sell process to make sure each step in production has the visibility you deserve. Combining superior natural ingredients, quadruple lab testing, and our high absorption formula. Our farm utilizes the best organic practices when cultivating the CBD for our gummies. We aim to take the gift of hemp that the cannabis plant has provided to make a superior drug alternative. At the start of our process, we perform a test at the seed level to check that our cultivar is up to superior standards. The pure hemp-derived CBD isolate has been certified by our compliance team for non-detectable levels of THC – for your enjoyment. Cultivating ease of mind with our 100% TLC, cruelty-free, and an effective line-up of unparalleled CBD gummies with no THC.

Natural CBD gummies are one of the most popular ways to take CBD! This allows us to constantly innovate our line-up at Kore Original. Keep an eye out for new flavors always around the corner. The only thing fresher than Kore Original CBD gummies for sleep is the choices to pick from. We even offer limited edition runs of our CBD Gummies without THC on a seasonal basis. Click here to find out more. With an arrangement like this, sweet treats have never felt better for you.

There are many states with different regulations regarding hemp policy and terms. At Kore Original, we are permitted by the Florida Department of Agriculture to produce hemp food products. We started to produce a well-sized collection of CBD products once we realized the low attendance in the industry to quality & potency. It did not take long before we took a stand to include these practices in every item we produce. Our products go through countless quality checks to make sure they are up to our high standards. Our company prides itself on our exceptional products so much so that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Perfect for you, as a gift, or for loved ones – we will keep it our secret. Buy Kore Original gummies enhanced with CBD to get the sleep you have been waiting for.

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Our Approach

Since 2018 we have been perfecting the “proprietary blend” inside of our world-renowned CBD Gummies. At the base of our formulation lies our 99.99% CBD Isolate with non-detectable levels of THC. Now, what happens when you take your body’s natural chemistry to enhance the CBD? That is exactly the question you will answer on your first experience with our CBD gummies with no THC. We use specialized enhancers known to interact with the same areas as CBD. One of the effective ingredients that are the foundation for our powerful blend is n-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine. In lower doses, this regimen has been known to offer powerful relaxation benefits. With health-oriented CBD products, you have to be content with the effects they provide! Our satisfied customers will tell you that our Cannabidiol is made to assist with ailments like pain without the high. We like to take a medical approach when formulating our CBD. These conditions support high-quality oil extracts from the hemp plant. Higher doses are just what the body needs for a good night’s rest.

Our naturally-based ingredients are not the only highlight of these unique CBD hemp gummies. While there are certainly higher doses of CBD available – we found this is not the most crucial part attributing to the efficacy of our formulation. Over the years we have invested our sales directly back into research and development. One of the key assets we adopted during this stage is that CBD is only part of the puzzle. Wellness CBD gummies are known to offer key benefits in many different categories, but our question was: how can you enhance specific benefits? Each formulator developed iterations until that sweet spot was found – resulting in the current blend putting us ahead of the game. The research did not stop there and continues to this day. Our goal is for each experience to be better than the last. At Kore Original, we believe in always innovating the possibilities.

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Welcome to #OveracheivingCBD

Gummies & Heat

Those summer days are perfect for spending some time at the beach, but not so much for our gummies. Temperatures exceeding room temperature can cause melting in our CBD gummies with no THC. It is important that after receiving your package that you keep them in a dry and cool place. Each flavor does have different reactions to heat and is not a one size fits for the maximum temperature they can reach. Anytime heat exceeds 80 degrees within Florida you will receive a pop-up in your cart/checkout stating that we are currently experiencing extreme temperatures.

Due to this, we ask if you order a perishable product, such as “Kore Original gummies,” that you choose expedited shipping. This shipping option will ship to you via “2 Day Air,” and if any damages are present to the gummies, we will refund or exchange the product; and if applicable, pay for the product to be returned. If you fail to abide by the temperature warning and choose the standard shipping option, we will not be responsible for the state of the product, and you will not be eligible for a refund/return.*If your order exceeds $100 and is eligible for free shipping, we will send it via the expedited method if it is a perishable product ordered. If it is damaged, we will work accordingly to offer you a refund/exchange. Want to learn more about our operations? Take time to review our privacy policy to learn more about how we protect your data. Includes more information on how we use that information to enhance your experience. Please contact us via email, by phone, or on our site to provide the help we need to grow. Be sure to leave us a review online to spread the news about Kore Original CBD!

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The Kore Difference

Superior In Its Class
Our Kore team is made of talented individuals from all walks of life. One thing that we all had in common was our passion for helping people feel their best. Dedicated to making your hemp experience unlike any other.

Excellence is Key
Together we created Kore Original to offer our community a natural alternative by way of CBD to feeling good, balanced, and relaxed. Our tasty and effective products make CBD not only easy to use, but now something you can’t live without!

Unmatched Quality
All raw materials are lab tested to ensure they meet the highest quality we can offer. All formulations and extractions are hand-tailored to offer you a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Original Experience
We understand how hard it is to choose the right brand. We stand by our products no matter the scenario. If you are not 100% satisfied with the product, reach out to us. We want you to be satisfied with your experience with Kore Original, purchase or not.

Join the Family
We are dedicated to creating an experience that will bring a whole new meaning to the CBD industry. You help define that experience with each purchase of a Kore Original Product

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296 reviews for CBD Gummies with No THC

  1. Heather! Schaffer

    I really love the Sour Neon Bears, so I ordered a couple of the 7-count packets. I actually was planning to use one packet of the neon bears to create a Grateful Dead-themed birthday cake for my husband, so I really wanted the fun, bright colors for his ‘Dancing Bears’. Unfortunately, the packets I received are filled with single-color bears. Yellow, in one case, and they don’t taste sour at all. I haven’t opened the other packet yet, but I can see that they are all red. What happened to the *sour* NEON bears I ordered??!

  2. Melissa D

    My favorite are the peach rings or sour rainbow ribbons. I’ve tried all of them and they all are delicious, those are just my favorites. They help with my anxiety, pain, sleep, nausea and help me to feel better each day. My parents now use them and love them.

  3. Dan

    I’ve used CBD on and off over the years. KORES peach rings are the best tasting in my opinion. I’ve used it for knee and hip pain. It’s like flipping a switch for me. Tons of pain then completely good. Getting through my day at work is much easier with the CBD. I’m sure everyone responds to CBD differently. I’m thankful it works for me……think increased quality of life.

  4. Holly

    I bought a pouch of watermelon rings to help with stress. The first time that I took one it definitely relaxed me and then, completely knocked me out. I paid attention the next time I took one when I felt stressed and determined it was putting me to sleep as well. I didn’t know they helped with sleep. I work nights and some times it’s hard to wind in the morning (I can get restless), but I can easily go to sleep after chewing on one of these. Too bad the local shop that carried these closed.

  5. Alison

    I love these! I’ve used several well-known and reputable brands for CBD products, and I am impressed with these. They allow me to have a deep sleep.

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