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CBD Skincare Benefits

When we think of CBD, most of us think of its ability to ease away our stress and physical discomfort, but there’s another important use for this hemp derivative that a lot of people are only just finding out about: skincare. CBD skincare is a fast-growing submarket of the hemp industry, and it exists thanks to some pretty exciting research that has come out in recent years, demonstrating the cannabinoid’s effects on skin health.

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So, what can this humble plant compound do to enhance your skincare routine? Let’s explore all of the research-based benefits of cannabidiol for the skin, and help you figure out the best way to apply this information to your daily skincare routine.

The Basics on CBD

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the most abundantly available compound in hemp – a species of cannabis, like marijuana. Hemp is federally legal because it possesses zero psychoactive properties, while marijuana remains a federally illegal drug. In other words, CBD skincare is completely legal, and it’s impossible to get high off of any CBD product, let alone CBD skincare, which provides its effects only to the area onto which the product is applied.

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CBD is a cannabinoid, which means that it’s a type of compound that directly works with the body’s endocannabinoid system. There are over 100 cannabinoids in cannabis, but cannabidiol is one of the most extensively researched by far, thanks to the fact that it’s the dominant cannabinoid in hemp, and that it was discovered way back in the 1960s. 

What we know is that cannabidiol is completely nontoxic to the body, and because it’s a cannabinoid, its job is to attach to cannabinoid receptors which are located in every system of the body (including the skin). When CBD attaches to cannabinoid receptors, as a mechanism belonging to the endocannabinoid system, these receptors are able to regulate bodily processes that affect the functionality of the body, such as sleep, mood, inflammation, neurological function, and more.

The endocannabinoid system has the job of keeping us in homeostasis, through this process of enabling cannabinoid receptors to regulate functions of the body. And, that’s why CBD has such a profound number of potential benefits, including those that pertain to the skin.

What is Cannabis Skin Care?

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Cannabis skincare is quite an in-demand submarket right now, and it all stems from the fact that applying cannabinoids to the skin offers scientifically sound positive effects. Again, CBD attaches to cannabinoid receptors to enable a process of regulation, and cannabinoid receptors in the skin tissue regulate a variety of skin functions. CBD skincare products come in a variety of formula types, including:

  • Serums
  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Cleansers
  • Exfoliants
  • Masks

And, you can find a wide range of formulations out there, including CBD skincare products that include other natural active ingredients, all while products come in a number of different milligram strengths in order to offer different potency levels.

We said earlier that when you apply CBD to the skin, the cannabinoid’s effects remain localized, just working with the tissue where the product was applied. In other words, CBD skincare is not the best choice of product if you’re trying to derive other benefits from cannabidiol, like help with sleep, or lowered stress levels. 

The Science Behind CBD Skincare

We’re often asked, “Can THC be absorbed through the skin?” or, “Can CBD be absorbed through the skin?” In fact, CBD’s absorption through the skin is something we’ve known about for years. It turns out that studies have proven that cannabidiol absorbs into the skin within minutes, along with the deep tissue below, offering its properties (specifically anti-inflammatory properties, as tested by researchers) in a targeted, localized way.

Can Get Rid of Small Daily Irritations

Skin irritation is something that many of us struggle with, due to skin that’s naturally sensitive, excessively dry, or inflamed. Irritated skin may appear red, may be itchy, may sting, or feel like it’s burning. Meanwhile, CBD’s soothing effects can reduce skin irritation to minimize all of the above symptoms. At the same time, CBD can promote a healthier moisture barrier (more on that in the next section), to make the skin more resilient to irritants, and remedy dryness and dehydration that makes the skin highly sensitive.

CBD Facial Benefits

Now, let’s get into the specific potential benefits of CBD skincare, based on the effects of CBD that relate to the skin, as studied by cannabis researchers. Again, cannabidiol supports the endocannabinoid system’s ability to regulate skin-related processes, which is why it’s safe to say that CBD skincare aims to achieve skin homeostasis, to provide an overall beneficial effect with each application.

May Support a Healthy Moisture Barrier

Our skin’s moisture barrier is a thin layer of moisture, produced by the pores, which acts as a protective coating to, like we said, keep our skin resilient to irritants, as well as pollutants, all while enhancing moisture. Skin that has a damaged moisture barrier will be extremely sensitive and irritate easily, with enlarged pores and a generally dry, dull, and unhealthy appearance.

Our moisture barrier can become damaged if our skin is regularly exposed to harsh irritants, dry air, and ingredients that we’re allergic to, and can also result from a lack of hydration, either internally or through the use of dehydrating products on the skin, like those which contain alcohol. And, some of us are simply prone to dry, dehydrated skin, and require extra help maintaining a moisture barrier that’s adequate enough to keep the skin protected.

Research shows that CBD regulates the function of our skin’s moisture barrier by balancing the function of the skin that maintains the lipids and proteins of which the moisture barrier is composed. These lipids and proteins bond to one another to give the skin a healthy glow, and so applying CBD to the skin each day may be able to allow the skin to look healthier, while being less prone to hypersensitivity.

May Offer Antiaging Effects

So, what about CBD oil for wrinkles? We know that CBD oil can be absorbed through the skin, and that comes in handy for those seeking out antiaging benefits, because CBD is a natural antioxidant. Antioxidants have been a staple of the skincare industry for years, thanks to their ability to preserve the health of skin cells, which can become damaged due to free radicals, resulting in skin that looks visibly older. Free radicals induce photoaging, which makes the skin more vulnerable to developing wrinkles and fine lines.

As a plant-based antioxidant, CBD has the ability to combat these free radicals, to minimize the effect of skin damage and leave the skin generally looking younger and healthier. At the same time, CBD may regulate the skin’s production of collagen, a critical protein that allows the skin to maintain its elasticity. Without adequate collagen, skin begins to sag and develop lines.

May Provide Acne-Fighting Properties

Don’t overlook CBD’s potential anti-acne properties, either. A surprisingly extensive amount of research has gone into this area, as scientists have found that topical applications of cannabidiol may have a notable effect on acne. Again, CBD regulates skin functions, including the production of sebum – the oil secreted from the pores, which can clog the pores and cause acne if the skin is out of balance. The cannabinoid’s its sebostatic properties are well-documented, showing that the cannabinoid can improve the way in which sebum is secreted from the pores, to prevent clogging.

Of course, CBD also offers anti-inflammatory properties, and acne is, by nature, inflamed. Inflammation is the reason why pimples are red, swollen, and painful to the touch. So, applying CBD to the skin could reduce inflammation of active breakouts, to minimize their appearance and their discomfort.

May Promote Wound Healing

So, what about CBD for skin healing? Although research in this area is only in its early stages, there’s promise that cannabidiol may promote faster wound healing. Its anti-inflammatory effects can reduce the inflammation that occurs with a wound, and potentially interferes with the skin’s ability to heal more quickly. And, CBD may potentially regulate the actual repair process of the skin, to help the skin return to its normal state sooner.

May Relax the Facial Muscles

CBD is known for its soothing properties – after all, ask anyone who uses it daily to maintain their stress levels – but its ability to soothe isn’t constrained to mood. Applying CBD to skin tissue allows the cannabinoid to absorb into the muscles beneath, and this can offer something of a relaxant effect on facial muscles that are tense. Many of us don’t even realize how tense our facial muscles are, let alone the impact this can have on our appearance. When our facial muscles are tight, blood flow becomes constricted, which can leave skin looking dull. And, tight facial muscles can make us appear older, as tension often shows up as a sign of aging.

May Be Helpful for Those with Inflammatory Skin Conditions

Many people suffer from inflammatory conditions of the skin, like eczema, psoriasis, etc. These conditions can be both painful and embarrassing, and can sabotage any attempt at maintaining healthy-looking skin.

We’ve already discussed the known anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol. Well, research has shown us that when applied topically, CBD can reduce skin inflammation, and in fact, scientists believe that CBD holds a lot of promise in this area. Keep in mind that CBD also possess antifungal properties, which can be very useful if the inflammation of the skin is fungal in nature.

Choosing the Right CBD Skincare Product

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Now, let’s offer some tips for finding the best CBD skincare product possible. With the market expanding as we speak, you really want to make sure that you zero in on a product that’s likely to give you the results you’re looking for.

Choose Your Brand Carefully

We urge you to be extremely careful when it comes to the company you’re buying from. First off, we recommend purchasing from a trusted online company rather than a local store, as local stores generally see lower demand, and therefore have lower quality standards, and an inventory that may not be fresh. When looking for an online company, check reviews, and read up on the company to make sure that they employ high-quality practices, like using CO2 extraction for their hemp extracts, and working with organic (pesticide-free) hemp material.

Look for Third-Party Lab Reports

Never purchase a CBD product without first checking the third-party lab reports provided on the company’s website. These lab reports come from a state-authorized laboratory that tests cannabis samples for purity, quality, safety, potency, and authenticity. Basically, these lab reports are the only way for you to confirm that you’re getting the best-quality product possible.

Look at the Ingredients

Another essential thing to do is check the ingredients in the formula. For one thing, there might be ingredients that you’re sensitive to, if your skin reacts to certain fragrances or additives. Besides that, you want to make sure that the company is using clean, top-quality, and safe ingredients, since you never know what some sketchier brands are using to fill out their formulas.

Look at the Milligram Strength

Check the milligram strength of your CBD skincare product, to make sure that there’s actually enough cannabidiol in there to be effective. We recommend sticking to a product that contains at least 50mg CBD per fluid ounce. Remember that there’s no way to overdose on CBD skincare, so don’t shy away from a product that has a higher amount of CBD in it, as there’s no real risk involved.

Tips for Working CBD into Your Skincare Routine

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Now that you know how to buy a CBD skincare product, let’s talk about how to use that product to the best of your advantage. As you’ll see, certain habits in your routine can play a big role in how well the product ends up working for you.

Use Your CBD Product Daily

CBD is a compound that works cumulatively, meaning that the more you use it, the more significant the potential benefits. This is why we recommend that you use the product daily, to maintain adequate levels of cannabidiol in the skin tissue.

Use it According to the Proper Order of Skincare Products

In general, skincare products should be used in a specific order to maximize their effectiveness. Aside from products that are rinsed off, like cleanser and scrub, products should be used in order from that with the thinnest consistency to that with the thickest, to allow each one to absorb to its maximum potential. What this means is that if you’re using, say, CBD cream for your face, you’ll want to use that product last, as cream is much thicker than, say, a serum.

Give it 2 Weeks

It can take up to 2 weeks for CBD to really start making a difference, because that’s how long it can take for the cannabinoid to build up to adequate levels. So, wait 2 weeks before deciding if it’s worth it to switch to a different product.

Store Your Product Properly

Finally, CBD is a natural compound, which means that it should be stored in a dark, dry, and cool place, like a cabinet or drawer, to stay fresh and effective. Don’t keep your CBD in the bathroom, where the humidity of the shower can destabilize the cannabinoid.

What About Using a CBD Tincture on Skin?

Yes, you can use a CBD tincture on your skin, and many people do. This provides the same potential benefits as using a CBD skincare product. However, CBD skincare products are specially formulated for the skin, so they may be more effective at the end of the day.

CBD Skincare is All the Rage, and Research Backs it Up

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CBD skincare is a fast-growing market, as more and more people are discovering its effectiveness at addressing everything from acne to eczema. If you’re looking to incorporate some CBD skincare into your daily routine, explore the skincare products at Kore Original. All of our skincare products contain lab-tested, potent servings of hemp extract, along with clean, gentle ingredients that can improve the condition of your skin in a matter of days.

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