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CBD for Everyday Wellness

By now, most of us are familiar with the many valuable properties derived from the hemp plant.  We know that cannabidiol (CBD) in particular has the fascinating potential to balance everything from state of mind to physical discomfort, and offers effects that can come in the handy morning, noon, and night. Continue reading for more information about CBD for everyday wellness.

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But, you could be minimizing your ability to derive the maximum effects out of hemp without even realizing it.  We have a better idea from leading hemp researchers that in order to experience as much effectiveness as possible, a person should consider making hemp part of their daily routine.

Why Take CBD for Everyday Wellness?

Taking CBD for everyday wellness once a day rather than sporadically can give you more of the effects that you’re looking for.  Many of us don’t realize that hemp works cumulatively, meaning that the more you take it, the better the results can be.  Cannabinoids can take time to build up to adequate levels in the body, meaning it can be about a couple of weeks before you can really feel the full potential that hemp has to offer.

What Effects Come From CBD?

So, what are these effects that we can derive from the hemp plant that make a daily routine worthwhile?

  • CBD for Stress: Researchers have found that cannabidiol attaches to cannabinoid receptors that control the balance of hormones that affect our stress levels, such as cortisol.  This could regulate our stress response to make us more resilient to stressors that we encounter in daily life.
  • CBD for Energy: It seems that taking CBD helps recalibrate the body’s energy cycle that ebbs and flows throughout the day, so taking it during the daytime may improve energy levels overall.
  • CBD for Focus and Concentration: The same study above showed that cannabidiol has the potential to increase focus, concentration, and alertness, by acting on cannabinoid receptors that pertain to cognitive function.
  • CBD for Physical Discomfort: Many studies have shown that a combination of analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties found within the hemp plant may offer relief from physical discomfort.
  • CBD for Sleep: A lot of people take a dose of CBD each night to sleep more easily.  Cannabinoid receptors in the brain play a role in balancing melatonin, serotonin, and cortisol, which all influence our sleep.

Why Can Kore Original CBD Products Be Perfect for Daily Use?

The products at Kore Original were designed with daily use in mind.  We made sure that all of our products have a pleasant flavor and aroma, and contain the cleanest hemp extracts possible while offering only naturally derived ingredients that are gentle on the body, even after being taken each and every day.  Our CBD for everyday wellness is also extremely user-friendly, with no fancy equipment required and no real need to measure out each portion. So, which Kore Original products can complete a daily routine?

Kore Original CBD Oil

Kore Original CBD oil is the most versatile product in our arsenal and a powerhouse of properties associated with the hemp plant.  It comes in three tasty flavors (Original, Peppermint, and Watermelon) and a few milligram strengths so that you can customize your daily routine to best suit your needs.  A single dropper under the tongue can be enjoyed at any time of day, and most of our customers love taking it in the evening when they’re ready to sit back and relax.  Effects tend to last for somewhere around 4 hours, perfect for catching a movie and mellowing out on the couch.

Kore Original CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies No THC make it easy to remember to take that daily serving since the flavor always keeps the taste buds coming back for more.  Kore Original CBD Gummies come in a large selection of flavors so that you can keep your palate satisfied while giving your body a solid 15 milligrams of hemp’s most beloved compound.  The effects can last for up to 8 hours and are known for being particularly widespread throughout the body and mind, which is why they’re the perfect product to start off your day on the right foot.  Pop a gummy into your mouth before leaving for the office, and you’ll be good to go until it’s time to clock out.

Kore Original CBD Capsules

Designed to align with your most specific needs, whether they be the focus, sleep support, or general endocannabinoid system (ECE) support, Kore Original CBD Capsules are a must-have.  With a few targeted formulas to choose from, you know that you’re giving your body the perfect blend of plant derivatives to ensure those desired results.  Each capsule contains 15mg of CBD and is extremely easy on the digestive system.  The time of day at which you can enjoy these capsules depends on the specific formula you’ve chosen:

  • Focus Capsules are great for the daytime.
  • Sleep Capsules are ideal for night.
  • Original Capsules can be taken at any hour of the day to simply support you as you go about your daily activities.

Taking More Than One Kore Original Product Per Day

One question that our customers frequently ask us is whether or not they can take more than one Kore Original product in a day.  For instance, is it okay to take a gummy in the morning and a capsule at night?  Basically, the answer is yes.  Cannabidiol is non-toxic to the body and non-psychoactive, so doubling up for a more thorough routine is not a real concern.  We do recommend beginning with just one of our products for 2 weeks to get accustomed to it before introducing something new into your daily regimen.

Start Your New Daily Routine the ‘KORE’ Way!

CBD is the ultimate once-a-day plant derivative that offers all kinds of properties that can make it easier to get through our day.  Given that it’s non-toxic, natural, and gentle on the body, incorporating it into a daily regimen seems like a no-brainer.  And, at Kore Original, we offer a large selection of CBD for everyday wellness so that you can have no trouble finding the perfect one to add to your routine.

Note: Before taking cannabidiol, please speak with your doctor first.  Your physician has access to your medical records and can make a proper determination if CBD is right for you.  Especially, if you’re currently taking, or just stopped recently taking, any type of prescription medication.

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on January 20, 2022
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