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Home » Does CBD Lotion Show in a Drug Test?

Does CBD Lotion Show in a Drug Test?

CBD lotion and other CBD-infused topicals can make a big difference in your daily life, offering a more targeted way to enjoy specific properties of the hemp plant that provide relief to localized discomfort. Many people swear by topical CBD as part of their daily routine, but before you go ahead and get your hands on some hemp lotion, there’s one question that we need to answer first: can CBD lotion make you fail a drug test? Naturally, no one wants to risk losing their job because they apply a little cannabidiol to their aching muscles, so let’s find out: does CBD lotion show in a drug test?

Cannabis and Drug Testing

Before we answer the question, “Will hemp lotion show on a drug test,” let’s talk a bit about testing for cannabis in the United States. About 90% of the drug tests administered across the country are urine-based tests. They’re so popular because they’re economical, easy to administer, and offer a fast turnaround time, all while providing very consistent, accurate results.

When testing a person’s urine for cannabis, what’s actually being looked for is THC-COOH, an enzyme that metabolizes tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compounds like delta 9 THC, delta 8 THC, delta 10 THC, THC-P, and so on. This enzyme is produced in the body when a person consumes a THC compound, and it can take days to weeks for THC-COOH to leave the system. In other words, drug tests are not looking for actual traces of the plant itself, but rather the enzyme that lingers in the body while the THC compound breaks down.

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There are other types of drug tests that are used, such as saliva tests which show whether or not a person has consumed cannabis within the last 10 hours, and blood tests typically administered at hospitals to determine whether or not a person is presently intoxicated. These drug tests are used much less frequently, although some jobs are starting to use saliva tests in an effort to catch employees who are working while high, as this can be dangerous for certain professions.

Cannabidiol and Drug Test Results

We said that standard drug tests look for evidence that a person has consumed THC, but what about cannabidiol (CBD)?  Well, as it turns out, CBD isn’t something that’s tested for. Although CBD and THC come from the same plant, drug tests are only looking for the latter cannabinoid, because only THC is intoxicating. That means that if you’re taking CBD, you’re not really at risk of failing a drug test.

But, there’s one exception. As stated by law, hemp products may contain up to 0.3% delta 9 THC in their formulas. Any CBD product made with full-spectrum hemp extract retains that trace amount of THC, and there is an extremely, extremely minuscule chance that the 0.3% THC in a product can trigger a positive drug test result. This is considered an anomaly, so it’s really not something you need to lose sleep over. There are THC-free topicals and other CBD products on the market if you want to avoid that slim chance entirely.

What is CBD Lotion and What Makes It Unique?

So, does CBD lotion show in a drug test? To answer that question, we need to discuss what CBD lotion is.  CBD lotion is a type of topical, and topicals are applied to the skin to absorb into the deep tissue – in other words, the muscles and joints – while also permeating the skin itself. CBD topicals exist to work with localized areas of discomfort, such as itchy skin or tense muscles. Because CBD isn’t consumed internally, it’s processed by the body in a different way.

Does CBD Lotion Show in a Drug Test?

There haven’t been any studies on whether or not topicals can trigger a positive drug test overall, but what we do know is that topicals are far, far less likely to affect a drug test result. Besides that, as we said earlier, CBD doesn’t have any impact on a drug test result.

Can Topical CBD Oil Cause a Positive Drug Test Result?

Even though CBD oil is an oil-based formula, does it actually absorb differently than a lotion? The answer is no, hence, it will not cause a positive drug test result.

Will CBD Cream Show Up in a Urine Test?

Will using CBD cream show up on a drug test? Once again, no, because CBD does not cause a positive drug test result. If you’re wondering, “Does CBD cream show in a drug test?” the answer is no.

Can CBD Rub Show Up on a Drug Test?

Like all other topicals, salves, balms and other types of rubs have no influence on a drug test.

Does Topical CBD Show Up on a Drug Screen? The Answer is No

Fortunately, when it comes to the question, “Can topical CBD cause a failed drug test”, the answer is a clear no.  What this means is that you can continue using your CBD lotion liberally each day without having any concerns about how it can impact your job or livelihood. This is awesome news for anyone who has found relief through using CBD topically, and we’re happy to put your mind at ease.

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on July 15, 2022
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