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CBD Oil vs. Gummies

Nowadays, there are so many different ways to get in that daily dose of hemp – through a topical, a vape, a gummy, CBD tincture, etc. But, it’s the latter two that remain the most popular on the market.  Both CBD gummies and tinctures make it incredibly easy to enjoy a nice, long-lasting serving of everyone’s favorite cannabinoid. So, let’s compare CBD oil vs gummies to give you an idea of which delivery method is right for you.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil, also known as a “CBD tincture” or “CBD drops”, is a specific type of product formula consisting of pure hemp extract and a carrier oil, which is often MCT oil, hempseed oil or some other neutral-tasting oil that’s safe for human consumption. The most preferable way to use CBD oil by far is as a tincture, meaning that the oil is administered below the tongue and absorbed sublingually.

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CBD oil comes in a diverse selection of milligram strengths as well as flavors (unflavored is also popular), which allows users to cater to their specific needs. In terms of absorption, CBD oil allows effects to take place in about 30-45 minutes, which can last for about 4 hours with an overall higher potency level than gummies due to the increased bioavailability that comes from taking the product sublingually. It’s worth pointing out that CBD oil can also be used as a food additive, or even a topical solution.

CBD oil can be made with one of three types of hemp extracts: CBD isolate, a pure cannabidiol extract; full spectrum, which contains every cannabinoid, terpene, flavonoid and nutrient in hemp; or broad spectrum, which is a THC-free version of full spectrum, containing every other compound.

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are individual gummies each containing an equal amount of CBD oil. The kind of oil in some gummies is CBD isolate, but the majority contain either full or broad spectrum. Gummies undeniably taste great, and when comparing CBD gummies vs edibles of another kind, gummies are by far the most popular way to eat your daily servings of the cannabinoid.

CBD gummies, like tinctures, come in a large selection of both milligram strengths and flavors. They inherently contain more ingredients than CBD oil, since that’s what the formula calls for, and you can find both vegan and non-vegan options on the market, as well as plenty of gummies that are all-natural.

The real difference when it comes to CBD gummies vs oil has to do with how they absorb. CBD gummies absorb through ingestion, and that means that it can take up to 90 minutes, or even 2 hours, for the effects to really set in, since the digestive process takes a while. Once they do absorb, the effects can last for a generous 8 hours, which is about double the length of CBD oil. The effects are just slightly milder than what tinctures offer, but of course you can just go with a higher milligram strength or dosage amount to make up the difference if you wish.

CBD Oil or Gummies: Which One is Better?

Now that you understand the key differences when it comes to CBD gummies vs oil, let’s help you figure out which is the right choice according to your needs. Keep in mind that ultimately, there’s no one product type that’s objectively better than the other – it all comes down to what type of experience you’re seeking out when you take cannabidiol.

CBD Gummies:

  • Lots of tasty flavors
  • Already portioned out
  • Longest-lasting effects
  • Longest time to take effect
  • Slightly milder effects

CBD Tincture:

  • Great choice of flavors
  • Requires manual portioning out
  • Stronger effects
  • Quicker onset time
  • Shorter-lasting effects

Consider the key qualities of both of these delivery methods, and then ask yourself what it is that you’re trying to get out of CBD each day. The main debate when it comes to choosing a CBD tincture vs gummies is choosing between the longer-lasting CBD experience that gummies can provide, compared to the shorter-acting, more potent experience that you’ll get from a tincture.

CBD Oil vs Gummies for Anxiety

A huge number of daily CBD users are specifically seeking out relief from anxiety, through the naturally soothing properties of the hemp plant. If you’re using CBD specifically for anxiety, then is one type of product going to be more effective than the other?

Technically, there isn’t one specific CBD delivery method that’s more effective against anxiety than the other. Both CBD gummies and CBD oil give you the properties of the hemp plant that can, among other things, put your mind and body into a state of ease. 

But again, it’s how each product can ease you that makes the difference. If you’re looking for faster, stronger effects for anxiety, a CBD oil is the way to go, and if you’re looking for a product that maintains its properties for 8 or so hours – the majority of the day or night, then a gummy is probably right for you.

Can You Take CBD Oil and Gummies Together?

One last thing we want to point out is that it’s completely okay to work both CBD oil and CBD gummies into your hemp routine. Remember that cannabidiol is nontoxic to humans, which means that in general, our bodies can handle even relatively large doses of it just fine. Maybe you’ll find that a CBD gummy gives you great results in the daytime, but you prefer a tincture at bedtime. You can absolutely take both, even in one day, to experience hemp’s properties through both delivery methods.

If you’re going to work both CBD gummies and oil into your routine, consider these two major things below:

  • Milligram Strength: Again, both gummies and tinctures come in different milligram strengths, determining the potency of each serving. So, if you’re taking two CBD products in a day, consider how potent the serving of each one is, should there be a period when both products are in your system at the same time. You can’t overdose on CBD, but also taking an extremely strong dose does make some people feel a little groggy, especially if they’re new to CBD.
  • Timing: When you take each will matter as well. For instance, taking a gummy and a dose of a tincture at the same time means you’ll have twice the potency level in your system. Taking one product when you wake up and one at bedtime means there won’t really be any point during which you feel both products at once.

CBD Gummies vs. Tincture: It’s Entirely Up to You

At the end of the day, there is a reason why both gummies and tinctures are so popular. What matters is that each one is fully capable of delivering the effects you’re seeking from the hemp plant in a long-lasting, bioavailable way. We encourage you to give both types of products a try, to compare them for yourself and decide which one is giving you the personalized results you’re looking for.

  • Kore Original CBD Gummies with No THC: Each gummy is dosed precisely at 15 milligrams apiece. Then paired with our unique blend made to work with your body. The way it is meant to, naturally.
  • Kore Original CBD Oil: Handpicked from the finest hemp farm, our CBD oil goes above and beyond with a quadruple-tested process to confirm purity and potency. Also uses the highest quality MCT oil, also known as coconut oil, as this carrier gives the oil a smooth and delightful taste.

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on July 8, 2022
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