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Home » Does CBD Oil Expire?

Does CBD Oil Expire?

If you’re going to go ahead and spend money on a bottle of CBD oil, naturally you want to make sure that you get your money’s worth by enjoying it down to the last drop. But, the question is, does CBD oil have an expiration date? After all, it is a natural substance, and we know that in nature, compounds break down over time, changing their chemical properties in ways that usually don’t work in our favor. 

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Let’s take a look at how long CBD oil is “good” for, and what it could mean if it does, eventually expire. Because naturally, you want to be sure that you’re always taking a dose of CBD that is going to be not only effective but also safe.

What is CBD Oil, and How is it Made?

CBD oil is a type of hemp product consisting of a hemp extract and a carrier oil – and, in some cases, flavoring. It’s usually administered sublingually – in other words, below the tongue – to act as a tincture. But, plenty of people choose to use it as a food additive, and some people even apply it topically, as it’s just as effective when applied to these two delivery methods.

CBD oil comes in a variety of milligram strengths, and it can be made with full spectrum, broad spectrum or CBD isolate extract. Typically, the hemp extract itself is extracted through a CO2 process, which offers the ideal chemical stability, as the use of pressurized CO2 to gently lift away the desirable compounds from the plant material keeps them intact in terms of their chemical structures.

What if it’s a Flavored CBD Oil Product?

We said earlier that some CBD oils contain flavoring ingredients. And, in some cases, the flavoring ingredients can cause the product to expire sooner. In general, a CBD oil expiration date is based on the ingredient that will expire first, and if, say, a CBD oil contains natural fruit extracts, you might only get a few months of use out of the product before it expires. Many CBD oils are flavored with essential oils, and essential oils typically have the same shelf life as CBD oil – 2 years. 

Does CBD Oil Go Bad?

CBD Oil Tinctures – Watermelon CBD Gummies with No THC

So, does hemp oil expire? In fact, it does, as do all hemp-derived products. Again, these products contain organic compounds, and organic compounds degrade over time, breaking down and changing their chemical properties. 

The general CBD oil shelf life is 2 years. Now, keep in mind, that’s not 2 years from the date of purchase, but 2 years from the time when the hemp extract portion of the product was first made. Unfortunately, companies aren’t required to put an expiration date on a CBD oil product, nor tell you when each batch of hemp extract was made, so you are likely to never know exactly when those 2 years are up. The best way to make sure you’re buying fresh CBD oil that has close to that length of time to go before it expires is to buy your CBD oil from a trusted, reputable company that has a fast product turnover rate. This way, CBD oil is never sitting in the warehouse too long, and so it’s unlikely to be close to expiring when it arrives at your door. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that most people who use CBD oil take it as part of their daily regimen. So, there’s a good chance that you would never even have a bottle of CBD oil in your possession for that long, anyway. 

What Happens When You Take Expired CBD Oil?

Let’s say you’ve managed to end up with CBD oil that has expired. What’s going to happen if you take it?  The good news is that there’s nothing dangerous about taking expired CBD. It’s not like milk that’s spoiled in the fridge or cabbage that’s gone rotten. CBD oil doesn’t become unsafe to consume once it has expired, but one thing that does happen is it loses its effectiveness.

The numerous cannabinoids and terpenes in your CBD oil, including CBD itself, break down little by little as the product ages. Eventually, these compounds break down to the point that they lose the chemical properties that make them desirable products. In other words, expired CBD oil isn’t going to give you the effects for which you bought the product, such as improved mood, relief from discomfort, and help with sleep. 

Another thing you’ll notice if you have broad or full-spectrum CBD oil, both of which contain terpenes, is that the product may lose its appealing flavor and aroma. That’s because the terpenes carry these properties, and when they break down, these properties are diminished.

How Long Does CBD Oil Last Once Opened?

Usually, a product’s shelf life refers to how long it stays “good” when it’s unopened. But, what if you’ve already opened your CBD oil bottle? The good news is that in the case of this type of product, the shelf life is the same. That’s because CBD oil bottles are airtight when the cap is properly on, and so the product won’t expire any sooner just because the product has been taken out of its box, or had its plastic seal removed.

How to Tell if CBD Oil is Expired

If you suspect that you might have some expired CBD oil on your hands, there are a few ways to be sure. Again, you don’t have to worry about any possible health consequences from taking CBD oil that has expired, but at the same time, expired CBD oil is basically ineffective, so taking it is a waste of time. Here are the key ways to know whether or not your oil is actually expired:

  • Its flavor and aroma are stale, faint, or different from how they were when you bought it (only applies to flavored oils and/or oils made with full or broad spectrum hemp extract, as CBD isolate contains no terpenes, and is therefore odorless and flavorless)
  • After taking a dose of CBD oil, you’re not getting any of the effects that you used to get from it, or any of the effects that CBD oil is known for

Does THC Oil Expire or Go Bad?

We’ve focused on CBD oil and its potential to expire, so what about oil made with THC, another cannabinoid in the hemp plant? In fact, the rules above apply to all hemp products, regardless of the cannabinoids that they’re made with. At the end of the day, THC and CBD extracts are similar enough in terms of their chemical properties to basically expire in the same way, within the same timeframe.

The Best Ways to Keep Your CBD Oil Fresh

How to Store Your CBD Products

Now that you know that CBD oil can and will expire at some point, let’s talk about how you can store it properly to keep it lasting for as long as possible. While CBD oil will expire in about 2 years, it turns out that if you’re not storing the product properly, those compounds can break down even sooner, leaving you with a product that’s no longer viable.

#1: Keep it Indoors

CBD oil should always be kept indoors – in other words, not in your car, your garage, or your backyard. The outdoor environment sees extreme changes in temperature, humidity, and light, all of which can destabilize the chemical compounds in the product.

#2: Keep it Away from Heat

Heat is one of the main environmental factors that cause the compounds in hemp extract to break down quickly. So, find a cool place in the home, away from heating vents and sunny windows.

#3: Keep it in a Dry Area

Similarly to above, humidity is a big no-no for CBD oil. So, don’t store your bottle in your bathroom’s medicine cabinet, as a lot of people mistakenly do, since the humidity of the shower can destabilize the product.

#4: Keep it Away from Light

Light increases the rate at which organic compounds oxidize, which is why bright light exposure can cause your CBD oil to become useless quickly. A dark, dry, and cool place, like a cabinet, closet, or drawer, is the best place for storing your bottle.

#5: Keep the Lid on Tight

Finally, when you’re not using your CBD oil, make sure that the lid is on nice and tight. Letting small amounts of oxygen get into that bottle will cause it to expire faster than any of the other factors above.

Enjoy Your CBD Oil All the Way to the Last Drop 

CBD Pet Oil – Canadian Maple Bacon – 450mg

As it turns out, CBD oil does expire, just like all other hemp products. The good news is that as long as you store it properly, and simply buy it from a company that sells it fresh, you have a good 2 years before you need to worry about your CBD oil no longer being useful. At Kore Original, we sell our CBD oil fresh so that you don’t have to worry about it losing its potency shortly after you purchase it. And, the fresher it is, the more effective it is, so you can count on getting all of those wonderful potential benefits of CBD with each and every drop.

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