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The Best CBD Lotion

There are all kinds of magnificent ways to incorporate cannabidiol (CBD) into our daily routines, and if you haven’t given topicals a try, you don’t know whatcha missing. Anyone seeking out a CBD topical that can both ease their muscles and nourish their skin, then CBD lotion might be exactly what is needed here. CBD lotion can provide all kinds of valuable effects to your daily life, and when it comes to using this product type, it really doesn’t get any easier. But, since some formulas are better than others, you will need to consider what to look for in a formula.

Experience Topical CBD

Most of us are very familiar with the general properties of cannabidiol, but still, may not realize that experiencing them through transdermal absorption offers a whole new level of potential relief. CBD can capably absorb into the skin and deep tissue of the body when administered topically, and what this does is offer localized, targeted effects to “problem areas” that have a tendency to be tense and uncomfortable. We know from studies that topical absorption can deliver unique anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties to the joints and muscles, while also improving the condition of the skin.

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Topical CBD application can produce results in as little as 10 minutes, with the effects having the potential to last for 6 hours or more. Remember, this method of absorption only does produce localized effects, and isn’t gonna give you the properties of hemp that affect things like mood, sleep, and so on.

What is Hemp Body Lotion?

Topicals come in all kinds of forms – salves, creams, balms, gels, massage oils, you name it – but lotion is a good choice for a lot of people seeking out a more transdermal approach to hemp. CBD body lotion is easy to spread thanks to its relatively thin consistency, making it easy to cover larger areas of the body, while it contains ingredients that can be intensively moisturizing to the skin, as a nice bonus. Hemp body lotion comes in a variety of formulations, fragrances and milligram strengths, with most formulas consisting of natural ingredients that are non-irritating and rich in their own valuable properties.

CBD lotion to buy
CBD lotion for skincare

How to Use CBD Body Lotion

Another perk of CBD lotion, along with any topical, is that it’s extremely easy to use. Many of us are accustomed to taking gummies, tinctures, or capsules which require that we take a specific dosage amount each day. With CBD lotion, you don’t need to count out how much you use. You just spread an even layer of the lotion onto the affected area and work it into the skin, no differently than you would with any lotion. And, because it absorbs through the skin, you can use it liberally without any concerns over drowsiness that some people experience when ingesting particularly strong doses of cannabidiol.

CBD body lotion works best when applied daily, since its results are cumulative, and you can use it as needed throughout the day to keep your discomfort at bay. 

Where to Get CBD Lotion

CBD lotion is fairly easy to find these days, since demand for it is high. But, that doesn’t mean that all CBD lotions are high in quality, or capable of giving you results. With that being said, there are several things to always look for when shopping for CBD body lotion, or any CBD-infused topical solution for that matter.

  • Lab Reports: When buying any hemp product, you always want to see the accompanying third-party lab reports on the brand’s website before you buy. This means that the company has their batches of hemp extract thoroughly tested by a state-licensed third-party facility, where it’s analyzed for things like potency, breakdown of chemical compounds, legal compliance, purity levels and more. 
  • Clean Ingredients: Read through the ingredients of a CBD lotion to make sure that it’s free of unwanted additives and filler ingredients. Overall, with topicals, the cleaner, the better.  Seek out a lotion made with plant derivatives that are gentler on the skin and rich in properties. Also, of course you want to avoid ingredients that you are allergic or sensitive to.
  • An Effective Milligram Strength: With a CBD lotion, you don’t really want anything less than 50mg per fluid ounce, because that would be too weak to give you the real potential of what cannabidiol is capable of. Remember that when it comes to topicals, you can go with very high milligram strengths without worrying about potential grogginess.
  • An Enjoyable Scent: Naturally, you should like the smell of your CBD lotion. Not all CBD body lotions have fragrances, but many do, and you should choose a scent that you know will appeal to you. Ideally, the scent should come from natural sources, since synthetic fragrances can be cloying, and can irritate the skin.
  • Non-Greasy, Non-Sticky Formula: CBD lotion should absorb quickly through the skin in order to take effect fast, and to fully absorb. Not only that, but no one wants to be stuck with a greasy or sticky feeling after each application. 

Keep Your Skin Soft and Vibrant the Kore Way!

We cannot stress enough how adding moisture to your skin is essential to keeping your skin looking and feeling good, our TOUCH lotion does exactly that. Yes, CBD lotion can be a brilliant addition to your regimen, offering an awesome way to target specific areas of the body with a concentrated, direct serving of cannabidiol. Not only that, but each application leaves behind skin that’s supple, smooth, and nourished.

Kore’s highly effective CBD lotions come in three different types, each infused with essential oils:

  • Awake: Feel your senses awaken with the soft, rich orange and ginger essential oils.
  • Sleep: Contains lavender and cedarwood to help calm, and then prepare your body for a good night’s sleep.
  • Calm: Crafted with eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils to help ease the senses in a relaxing manner.

These lotions promote desirable effects through aromatherapy, while supplying a generous 750mg CBD isolate per bottle to deliver enough cannabidiol to make a positive difference in how you feel daily. Fast-absorbing and made with clean, natural ingredients, it’s a luxurious formula that you’ll want to apply every day to keep your skin in excellent condition. Plus, give your muscles and joints the holistic care that they need to feel their best.

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on June 24, 2022
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