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Home » What is a CBD Pain Freeze Roll On?

What is a CBD Pain Freeze Roll On?

Even if you’re already taking your daily CBD gummy, tincture, capsule, etc., CBD Pain Freeze roll on is a must-try. This game-changing product has brought powerful relief to countless people looking for an all-natural, fast-acting solution to daily tension and other complaints throughout the muscles and joints of the body. Consisting of a powerhouse duo of cannabidiol (CBD) extract, aloe, and menthol, it’s phenomenal for someone who wants to target troublesome areas of the body, and it couldn’t be easier to use.

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But, not all CBD Pain Freeze products are created under equally high standards, so allow us to help you find the best formula out there while having a full understanding of how to use this powerful product type, and what makes it so uniquely effective.

CBD: A Must-Have for Topical Use

Cannabidiol absorbs into the body in all kinds of ways, but none are as unique as topical. Applying CBD topically (directly) to uncomfortable areas allows the effects of the cannabinoid to absorb directly into the deep tissue, offering up localized, concentrated effects that may bring great relief, especially when used daily. Studies have confirmed the potential for inflammation-regulating properties through transdermal absorption of cannabidiol, and so it’s clear that topicals are here to stay.

CBD topicals come in all kinds of forms – creams, gels, balms, salves, lotions, massage oils – even bath products that allow you to absorb all of that good cannabidiol from head to toe. They also come in a variety of milligram strengths, fragrances, formulations, and more, with many companies nowadays blending CBD extract with other plant derivatives known to offer valuable effects to the skin, joints and muscles.

Aloe + CBD + Menthol: A Match Made in Natural Heaven

CBD Roll-On is great for runners!

CBD Pain Freeze Roll On products refer to products that combine CBD extract specifically with a natural cooling agent, which in most cases is menthol. Menthol is a proven effective topical solution to pain.  Derived from the mint family, menthol is a cooling agent that quickly absorbs through the skin to help tense muscles and joints relax, similar to cryotherapy. Meanwhile, the potential anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of cannabidiol work deep into the tissue to offer intensive aid directly from mother nature herself.

How to Use CBD Pain Freeze

What is great about CBD Pain Freeze, and all hemp topicals for that matter, are incredibly easy to use.  We’re used to gummies, tinctures, and other types of formulas that require that we administer the same dose to ourselves daily. With topicals, however, things are a little different. The key is covering the entire affected area with an even layer of the product before massaging it into the skin, just as we do any other topical product such as skin lotion.

Another great thing about CBD Pain Freeze is that it tends to take effect quickly – in as little as 10 minutes – and most report the effects lasting for around 6 or so hours.  There are no real rules since you can’t overdose. You can just apply as needed, whether that be once a day or multiple times.  Just keep in mind that being too stingy with the application may result in missing out on the full extent of what this type of product can do for you.

Finding the Best Pain Freeze Formula for You

If you want to ensure that you have the best experience with CBD Pain Freeze, there are some things to consider when picking out a formula. Here’s what to look for:

  1. Natural Ingredients: No one wants to infuse their bodies with loads of artificial, synthetic additives and fillers, so read the list of ingredients carefully before settling on a specific pain freeze formula.  Avoid anything that isn’t mainly plant-based, to know you’re putting only gentle, clean ingredients into your body with each application.
  2. An Effective Milligram Strength: Ideally, you want at least 100mg CBD extract per fluid ounce of product. That’s because less than that may be too mild, and not give you the potent results that you’re looking for. Again, applying CBD to the skin doesn’t really come with many risks, so don’t be afraid to be liberal with how much you use.
  3. Organic, Lab-Tested CBD: It’s really important to consider the quality of the CBD itself, since you may be surprised by how many ways you can end up with low-quality, ineffective hemp extracts.  Always look carefully for third-party lab reports on a company’s website before buying. These lab reports prove that the hemp was tested by a state-authorized testing facility, where it was analyzed for critical things like legality, safety, purity, potency, and more. Also, make sure that the hemp extract comes from organic hemp plant material, to be free of pesticides and be as bioavailable as possible.
  4. Fast-Absorbing, Non-Greasy Formula: No one wants a CBD topical that takes forever to absorb through the skin, or leaves behind a greasy or sticky film. We actually recommend a gel, which is more water-based, so it speeds up the absorption process for less wait time and no residue left behind.  CBD Pain Freeze gel can take effect very quickly compared to other product types.
  5. Travel-Friendly Packaging: While it’s not necessarily a requirement, it does help to have CBD Pain Freeze that’s easy to travel with. This way, you can throw it in your gym bag, or take it with you to the office or even on vacation with you. If you’re a traveler, having a pain-freeze product that complies with TSA guidelines is always a plus. 

Kore CBD Pain Freeze: All-Natural Solution for Pain Relief Created to Soothe and Satisfy!

CBD Roll-On for Exercise

Kore Original has formulated the ultimate CBD Pain Freeze, which brings together lab-tested, organically derived CBD isolate, menthol, and essential oils, plus other natural ingredients that nourish the skin and aid the deep tissue. With 150mg per ounce, it comes in a travel-friendly 3oz roll-on which can be applied anywhere without any kind of a greasy or sticky mess. Renowned for its effectiveness, Kore CBD Pain Freeze Gel absorbs quickly, and our customers swear by it daily to address the needs of their various areas of tension and soreness. 

Our biggest question was “how do we help people when starting Kore Original?”. CBD Pain Freeze was one of the first products to be created for the Kore Original brand. Our head chemist created the first formula before the company was fully established. Then our founding CEO sent some early formulations to his family, and they found it so effective in relief that it resulted in the birth of Kore Original. Now our pain freeze CBD has become one of our best-selling products. It’s no surprise that it has become a fan favorite among our Kore Original family.

So, try it today and see why topical CBD can help you reach your goals more closely than ever before.

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on June 16, 2022
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