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Why CBD Makes a Great Gift

We have entered another holiday season, which means that it’s time to start thinking about making lists of who we’re going to buy gifts for.  It seems like every year, it becomes harder and harder to pick out the perfect gift for each of our close friends and family members.  But, there’s one gift that never disappoints, and that’s cannabidiol (CBD).  In 2020, about a third of Americans reported taking CBD, and that number has only grown in the last year as the market is booming like never before.  This clearly shows us that people are, by and large, eager to incorporate this star hemp derivative into their daily routines, which is why it’s the perfect choice for just about everyone in your life.

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Cannabidiol is the dominant compound found in the hemp plant and comes in all kinds of product types and formulas, ranging from delicious, user-friendly gummies to advanced skincare solutions that are as luxurious as they are scientifically sound. 

Show Your Loved Ones That You Care About Their Wellness

A lot of us aim to give gifts that have a more personal touch, but that’s easier said than done.  Well, CBD is something that’s very personal, because it shows our loved ones that we care about their well-being.  Most of us are more than familiar by now with the many properties of the hemp plant, thanks to numerous studies, which can include:

  • Potential help with stress
  • Potential relief from physical discomfort
  • Potential boost in focus
  • Potential aid at bedtime

Therefore, giving a friend or family member CBD lets them know that you not only love them but want them to feel their very best.

There is Something for Everyone on Your List

Quite simply, CBD is one of the most versatile compounds in the world.  Being a cannabinoid, it feeds the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to offer balance to every system of the well…body.  This is why this compound is associated with many profound properties, and why the vast majority of people have found a lot of success by using it as part of their daily routines.

CBD is also extremely versatile, as it can be infused into all kinds of product types, such as:

Essentially, you can easily find the perfect cannabidiol-infused product for just about everyone on your gift-giving list, from your senior parents to your spouse – and even your furry companion.

Makes for the Perfect Stocking Stuffer

A lot of CBD products come in small packages, which means that they can help fill out those stockings.  Unlike a lot of the more trivial items you’ll find in a stocking, a CBD product offers a lot of value, far beyond its weight.  A small 30ml bottle of CBD oil or a menthol-infused CBD topical can be the most useful product in a stocking, without taking up too much space.

CBD Encourages Your Loved One to Embrace Self-Care

A lot of the most important people in our lives are stressed out and in desperate need of some “me time.”  There’s no doubt that it’s hard watching our family and friends struggle with life’s ever-growing list of stressors, and one way to gently encourage them to engage in some self-care is by treating them to the gift of CBD.  There are lots of CBD products that act as soothing breaks from a busy day, like hemp-infused bath soaks and aromatic lotions that feel luxurious against the skin and deliver pure CBD directly into the muscles and joints.

Something They Will Get a Lot of Use Out of

Let’s be honest: a lot of the gifts that we give our loved ones aren’t all that useful in the long run.  Sure, they may look nice on a shelf, or they may be fun to wear, but they just don’t bring a lot of long-term value to someone’s life.  CBD is the gift that keeps on giving, since each day, it can enhance their existing routine.  A lot of CBD products offer up to a month of daily use, which is just what so many of us need while we recover from a busy holiday season.

Could Very Well Be a Gamechanger in a Loved One’s Life

At this point, it’s clear that CBD has truly transformed a lot of people’s lives.  With its rich variety of properties that work with the human body, we know that many people consider it the most essential part of their once-a-day regimens.  Giving someone a CBD product as a holiday gift can therefore act as a major game-changer, introducing them to something that makes a big difference each and every day.  And, we all have people in our lives who could really use a little bit of help feeling their very best.  Whether you have a family member who is constantly complaining about tense muscles, or a close friend who has been going through a rough patch, CBD can have a tremendously positive effect that goes above and beyond what the typical holiday gifts can offer.

Buying CBD as a Holiday Gift: What to Know

If you’re interested in giving someone the gift of CBD this year, allow us to share some tips to ensure that everyone on your list gets the perfect CBD product.

#1: Quality Comes First

Yes, first and foremost, it is important to know that not all CBD Is created equally.  Find a company that already has a good reputation for the quality of their products, and make sure that they have all of their hemp products lab-tested by a third party, which verifies the quality levels through an unbiased source.

#2: Look for Certain Keywords for a Personalized Touch

Many of our loved ones have quite specific daily needs.  While exploring different CBD products, look for certain keywords like “focus,” “relax” and “discomfort” to personalize their CBD experience.

#3: Get Familiar with the Different Types of CBD Products on the Market

This industry offers all kinds of exciting CBD products, as mentioned earlier, and each one can offer something unique and useful to a loved one’s routine.  Explore what’s out there to find the perfect gift for each loved one based on their needs and preferences.

This Year, Give the Gift of Kore Original

At Kore Original, you’ll find a wide array of CBD products that make perfect gifts for your friends and family.  We offer only organically derived, lab-tested hemp that’s blended with clean, carefully sourced ingredients, while our packaging is a welcome sight beneath the holiday wrapping paper.  Explore our collection, as we’re certain that you can find something for everyone.

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