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4 Best CBD Products for the Holidays

Gift-giving is a major part of our holiday traditions, but it also is a huge source of stress.  Between our personal budgets, high expectations, and ever-changing tastes, finding the perfect gift for everyone important in our life certainly isn’t easy.  But, this year, you can make your life a lot easier by considering cannabidiol (CBD).  CBD is a product that can appeal to everyone young and old and is more appreciated than another pair of socks or a predictable bottle of wine. Continue ready to learn about the 4 best CBD products for the holidays!

Holiday Gifts: Why Kore Original?

As you may have already learned the hard way, not all CBD products are created equally.  At Kore Original, we strive to deliver the finest hemp formulas possible and best CBD products for the holidays.  We work strictly with organically grown hemp that has been extracted using premium methods and lab-tested by an independent laboratory to ensure quality control.  Each ingredient is hand-selected to ensure that it directly benefits the user, and you’ll never find any cheap additives in any of our products.

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Beyond that, we recognize the value that the hemp plant has to offer to each individual, which is why a lot of our products feel personalized.  From top-of-the-line topicals to delicious edibles, we really do have something for everyone.

#1: Kore Original – Enhanced CBD Capsules

Introducing the ultimate relaxation hack – CBD capsules by Kore Original! These convenient and easy-to-swallow capsules are a natural alternative for unwinding or boosting your focus. Don’t just take our word for it, our CBD capsules have been a phenomenon since day one. We’ve expanded our lineup to include original, focus, and sleep blends for your enjoyment. With the power of enhancers, our CBD capsules pack a wellness punch, helping with body pain and anxiety. Available in various pouch and jar sizes, each capsule contains a consistent 15 milligrams of CBD isolate. Plus, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can try them risk-free. Say hello to Zen and alignment with Kore Original CBD capsules!

Top Reasons to Choose Kore Original CBD Capsules:

  • Convenient and Easy-to-Swallow
  • Proprietary Blend of Ingredients
  • Wide Range of Formulations
  • Powerful Wellness Punch
  • Precisely Made with Consistent Dosage
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Holiday Tip: This is the perfect product for CBD first-timers thanks to its ease of use, so it’s perfect for that family who has been on the fence about trying hemp.

#2: Kore Original CBD Gummies with No THC

Discover the perfect CBD gummies to help you relax and become your best self with Kore Original’s locally produced, hand-crafted, and small-batch CBD gummies with no THC. These gummies have been perfected to provide relief for anxiety, sleep issues, and body aches, with each gummy precisely dosed at 15 milligrams. Available in either a 525mg | 35-piece jar or a 105mg | 7-piece pouch, Kore Original’s CBD gummies come in immaculate flavors and are packaged in patented CRC closures for child-resistant safety. Plus, they are wrapped in tamper-proof, post-recycled packaging, reflecting Kore Original’s commitment to sustainability. Experience the natural benefits of CBD and start your journey to relaxation with Kore Original’s CBD gummies, just a few clicks away.

List of Reasons to Take Kore Original’s CBD Gummies:

  • Locally produced, hand-crafted, and small-batch:
  • THC-free formula
  • Relief for anxiety, sleep, and aches
  • Precise dosing
  • A unique blend that works with your body
  • Immaculate flavors
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Easy online purchasing

Holiday Tip: Throw this into a gift basket along with some essential oils, candles, and other calming products as a “self-care” bundle.

#3: Kore Original – CBD Pain Freeze

Our signature CBD pain freeze is the all-natural solution for pain relief that will awaken your senses and soothe your muscles and joints. With 450mg of pure hemp-derived CBD and essential oils, our advanced formula is designed to work effectively with your body. Simply roll it onto tender muscles and joints for relief. Our CBD pain freeze is lab-tested, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan, making it a top-selling product with many positive reviews. Handcrafted in small batches to ensure high quality, we are so confident in our product that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Say goodbye to pain and discomfort without the high with our CBD pain freeze.

List of reasons to take our CBD Pain Freeze:

  • Natural Pain Relief
  • Zero Additives
  • Lab-Tested CBD
  • Essential Oils for Added Benefits
  • Best-Selling Topical
  • No High
  • Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, and Vegan
  • Handcrafted in Small Batches
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Holiday Tip: This gift is perfect for your more athletic friends as well as skincare enthusiasts who love trying new products.

#4: Kore Original – Pet CBD Oil

The Kore Original Pawsitive series – CBD products for pets, tested on humans and approved by pets. CBD has been known to help pets with anxiety, pain relief, appetite, inflammatory problems, seizures, and osteoarthritis. Our hemp-derived CBD products provide full-body balance for pets without the use of drug alternatives. Our veterinarian-approved pet CBD oil is easy to administer with a convenient dropper. Start with a small amount and observe your pet’s reaction, then adjust as needed. Trust Kore Original as your go-to source to buy CBD oil for dogs or cats. Give your pets the care they deserve with our Pawsitive series CBD products.

Top Reasons to Choose Our Pawsitive Series CBD Products for Your Pets:

  1. Tested on humans and approved by pets
  2. Versatile benefits
  3. Drug alternative for pain relief
  4. Full-body balance
  5. Easy to administer
  6. Start small, adjust as needed
  7. Trusted source

Holiday Tip: Give this gift to that over-stressed loved one who needs an excuse to take some time for themselves and their furry best friend.

Happy Holidays from Kore Original!

The holidays have arrived, and Kore Original has the best CBD products for the holidays, even for those loved ones who seem to have everything they need.  Explore these products and others at Kore Original and find the perfect hemp-infused formula for everyone from your parents to your neighbors and co-workers.  In fact, KORE is setting the industry standard in CBD products across the board.  Not only does the holiday season start here, but so does the CBD revolution!

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